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09:15 16.06.2011


1. General Provisions:

1.1 Site Administration establishes rules of conduct at the InterPolit.net; however, anyone has the right to make proposals to improve the rules in the comments below.

1.2 Ignorance of the rules does not exempt from liability established by them. Placing of any message on the site, or voting in the rating system automatically means you agree with these rules.


2. Prohibitions on the site:

2.1 Profanity. Taking into account the concept of our network, the culture of communication is the key to constructive solutions.

2.2 Statements and placement of materials whose purpose is provocation.

2.3 Commercial messages and messages that do not have informational meaning and do not deal with the subject of the resource.  A special section with a package of services is provided for advertisement.

2.4 Creating additional accounts.


3. Moderation:

3.1 If the moderator, reading the message, finds that it violates the rules of the InterPolit.net, he has the right to dismiss the message (the message will be displayed on the author page only).

3.2 Every user can complain to an administrator on the violation of these rules through feedback.

3.4 If you do not agree with the decision of the moderator, you can report this to the administrator.

3.5 Appeal to the administration of InterPolit.net is implemented exclusively through feedback, or if it is constructive proposals - in the special section "Recommendations".

3.6 Moderator has the right to ban users, flagrantly violating the rules.


4. Site services:

4.1 Profile:

4.1.1 The user is prompted to enter own name and surname, as well as uploading own picture.

4.1.2 You can fully or partially show your biographical data in the "Biography".

4.2 Blogs:

4.2.1 Each user can maintain a blog.

4.2.2 Each user can comment on and rate blog posts.

4.2.3 Do not place the part of the article with a link to the full version, or a call to read the article on another site, if you can post an article on InterPolit.net completely.

4.2.4 Blog is created for writing articles, news, notes, essays, analysis, etc.

4.2.5 You may copy someone else's article in full with an indication of the author and a link to the source.

4.2.6 Users must correctly specify the identity of the material in accordance with the proposed options.

4.3 Debate:

4.3.1 Each participant, by dialing 50% rating can open the debate.

4.3.2 Only the most important issues relevant to the content of InterPolit.net are submitted to the debate. The debate not relevant to the content will be hidden.

4.3.3 The debate has its relevance date that you need to set yourself. After this period the debate that have taken place are transferred for the consideration of the Chancellor of the Council.

4.3.4 The debate took place, if their rating reached 10%.

4.5 Parties:

4.5.1 Each participant can join the party and can get out of it at any time.

4.5.2 Each participant may influence upon the rating of the party at any time.

4.5.3 Each Member of the party can begin the discussion in the party.

4.5.4 Each participant may deliver an assessment of the party program.

4.5.5 Each participant having obtained 70% rating can create own party.

4.5.6 The creator of the party is its administrator. The party administrator enters the information with the name of the party, the direction of a political movement, a website and a description of the party, loads the symbols of the party. He can also insert news about the activities of the party. A very important point is the writing of the party program. Not least - the frequency of elections of the party leader. The Administrator shall also appoint party members to positions, granting them privileges of a party moderator.

4.5.7 Only members of the party with a rating of not less than 70% may be involved in the elections of the party leader. The race is declared a month before the election date. Vote for the party leader continues for seven days.

4.5.8 In the case when more than 50% of Party members voted to hold early elections for party leader - the election is automatically declared under § № 4.5.7

4.5.9 The newly elected party leader becomes the Party administrator after the election, appointing the moderators in turn.

4.6 People:

4.6.1 Each participant must determine own status: voter, journalist, social activist and politician.

4.6.2 Only the politicians need to confirm their account. This is done in order to prevent damage to the reputation of the politician.

4.6.3 Members can add each other to friends, or contain another participant in a “black list”, basing on inner convictions.

4.6.4 Page to the current politician that hasn’t passed the confirmation of the administration will be blocked to clarify the circumstances.

4.7 Groups:

4.7.1 Each participant, having gained 30% rating, can create a group.

4.7.2 Each participant may conduct group discussions.

4.8 Ideas:

4.8.1 Each participant, having scored 10% rating, may submit an idea.

4.8.2 Each participant may evaluate the idea that respectively affects the rating of the author's ideas.

4.8.3 Each participant may comment on the idea.


5. Council:

5.1 The Council consists of party leaders and their deputies.

5.2 An election of the Council Chancellor is taken once a year.

5.2.1 Only a Member of the Council may claim for the post of the Council Chancellor.

5.2.2 The election campaign lasts for three weeks, after which a direct vote lasts for a week.

5.3 The Council Chancellor - responsible and accountable to the Council, is the administrator of the Council.

5.3.1 The Council Chancellor receives the results of the fulfilled debate and on the basis of these results prepares the project for a consideration by the Council, sets the priority of the project and after approval of the project controls its execution lays a report about the project open for public inspection.

5.3.2 The Council Chancellor follows the development and appoints responsible moderators of the “Council Program”. The “Council Program" - is a strategic political program of the Belarusian community InterPolit.net


6. Final provisions:

6.1 The Administration reserves the right to change these rules, as well as the minimum threshold rating.

6.2 The Administration may deny the right to use the site by the participant, which systematically violates these rules.

6.3 The Administration is not responsible for materials posted by users.

6.4 The Administration is always ready to take into consideration comments and suggestions of any member of the resource, regarding the site, but only through a "feedback", appeals through blogs will be deleted.

6.5 Responsibility for messages on the site bears the


Values ​​of the rating system:

Unit of rating for the post: 0.5

Unit of rating for the comment: 0.1

Unit of rating for the support of: 1

Enter your suggestions, regarding the number of ranking units, in the comments.

How to blog and post news on InterPolit. Instructions on the editor.

 Administration of the InterPolit.net

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