Central Banks May Stoke Risks by Raising Interest Rates Together

Central banks around the world raise their key interest rates in the most widespread monetary policy tightening ever. Some economists fear they are...


The Best Airline Boarding Music: Here Are My 9 Picks

like a aviation nerd, I don't just think about my favorite airlines when flying, but also when I'm at home. One of the...

Every Netflix trailer, news, and new season revealed out of Tudum 2022

This Saturday's big Netflix event (called Tudum for good measure, like the sound the Netflix bumper makes) was packed with announcements for...


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Posits, a New Kind of Number, Improves the Math of AI

Training the major neural networks behind many modern AI tools requires real computing power: for example OpenAI's most advanced language model, GPT-3took an astonishing...

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House of the Dragon Photos Reveal First Look at Aged-Up Characters After Time Jump

Rhaenyra & Laenor Velaryon, Baby Joffrey Emmy D'Arcy will play the elder Rhaenyra; John Macmillian will play the elder Laenor. The baby is...


The ancient lakes of Mars could help discover life on the red planet

Since robotics explorers began to visit the Red Planet in the 1960s and 1970s, scientists have marveled at the surface features of Mars. ...

5 Healthy Aging Tips for Longevity from a Longevity Expert

Most of us hope to age and live well longevity. And while researchers have long believed that a person's lifespan was determined primarily...

NASA ‘street view’ map of Mars lets you walk the red planet

You can now visit Mars from the comfort of your own home using a new interactive map. Aspiring astronauts can experience the sights and sounds...

Kwasi Kwarteng denies plans to relax environmental rules in push for growth | Environment

Kwasi Kwarteng has tried to allay concerns that ministers are planning to tear up a set of environmental regulations in their pursuit of growth,...

Community Newsletter: Neuroscience Game Changers, Genetics Meeting Highlights | Spectrum

burak çakmak / Adobe Stock The September equinox, when the Earth's tilt causes nearly equal day and night around the world, happened last week. ...

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VANCOUVER, Sept. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Clearmind Medicine Inc. (CSE: CMND), (OTC Pink: CMNDF), (FSE: CWY0) (“clear mind" or the "Company"), a...





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