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‘Abduction’: A VR Nightmare Landing on College Campuses

You’ve seen it in horror movies: aliens who abduct humans and use them in experiments. But imagine that you were the ones on the table, helpless, unable to control what was happening to you, and unable to communicate or fight back as you were prodded and prodded for ‘investigation’. Pretty scary, right?

Well, this is exactly how animals must feel when used in cruel, unnecessary experiments in labs on campuses across the country. For them, the nightmare is real.

That’s why we’re bringing this nightmare to life for students with the launch of kidnapping, a unique virtual reality experience that will soon land on university campuses with labs where animals are imprisoned and tortured.

In this eerie experience, visitors will enter a mysterious truck and put on a virtual reality headset. It’s as if they’ve been stranded in the desert with friends, abducted by aliens, taken aboard a spaceship, and subjected to a terrifying experience akin to what animals endure in labs: they’ll watch their friends be subjected to experiments inspired by real animal experiments, knowing they will be next.

kidnappingwhich was filmed in VR180 with help from virtual reality creation studio Prosper XR, stops at several college campuses, including the following:

  • George Washington University (Washington, DC), where researchers drilled holes in the skulls of baby mice to inject tumor-causing cells into their brains
  • Princeton University (Princeton, New Jersey), where researchers cut into the heads of sensitive and intelligent monkeys, excised part of their skulls, implanted a recording chamber and inserted electrodes into their brains before being forced to react to images on a screen in exchange for a “reward” of juice
  • University of Massachusetts-Amherst (Amherst, Massachusetts), where researchers drill holes in monkeys’ skulls and implant electrodes, tie the animals with zippers and overheat them with hand warmers to simulate menopausal hot flashes, which they don’t even experience
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Studies show that 90% of all basic researchmost of which relate to animals, does not lead to treatments for humansthat is why PETA is pushing universities to switch to advanced, human-relevant research methods.

text reads abduction over image of aliens and huddled humans

Checking out kidnapping and help PETA free our fellow animals from labs

Know more about kidnapping, and request that it visit your school’s campus. If you want to help PETA end animal confinement in labs, support our Investigate modernization deala step-by-step plan to replace animal testing with modern, human-relevant research.



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