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Adele thanks fans for ‘coming back to me’ as she opens postponed Las Vegas residency | Adele

Adele said her Vegas residency show was “perfect” and “looked just like I imagined” when she stepped down the first night of her postponed run.

The singer got emotional as she thanked fans for “coming back to me” as she opened the show at the Colosseum venue at the Caesars Palace hotel.

She received a standing ovation when she took the stage, but told fans that she should be the one to give them one.

“Thank you so much for coming back to me,” she told them. “It looks like I imagined. It’s just perfect, thank you.”

In her typical joking way Adele continued: “I’m not allowed off the stage for about 50 minutes, so I’ll have it [a] worthless face of striped makeup throughout the first part of the show.

“I’m so nervous and I’m so scared and I’m so happy. It can be a little shaky at times because my nerves are out of control… it’s been a damn hard week for me this week. It’s the Walking Dead finale on Sunday!

“It’s opening night, it’s the Walking Dead, it’s the Grammys, and it’s the World Cup. Hell, there’s a lot going on.”

The singer added that the show “started small” before launching her first song of the night, a rendition of her 2015 number one single Hello, after which she received another standing ovation.

Throughout the evening, Adele delivered a selection of powerful and emotional hits spanning her four studio albums, most of which were accompanied by spectacular imagery.

She followed Hello with another number one single, Easy On Me. Other songs from her latest Brit award winning album, 30, included I Drink Wine, Oh My God and Cry Your Heart Out.

Fans also raved about a rendition of her Oscar-winning James Bond theme, Skyfall, with visual effects that showed the singer against a fiery backdrop.

At one point in the show, Adele fired a T-shirt gun at the audience. “It’s a signed T-shirt, a handwritten note and $50 — go get a drink,” she told the recipient.

The singer had announced the last-minute postponement of her Vegas run on Instagram earlier this year, telling fans in a tearful message that the show was “not done.”

On Thursday night, Adele shared an Instagram post online, in which she said she had “never been more nervous before a show in my career,” but couldn’t sit still with excitement.

“I’m feeling all kinds of things as I write this. I’m very emotional, incredibly nervous, but can’t sit still because I’m so excited,” she wrote while sharing a photo of herself at the rehearsal.

“I always dread shows, and I take it as a good sign because it means I care and I just want to do a good job.

“But it’s safe to say I’ve never been more nervous before a show in my career, but at the same time I wish today was tomorrow! Can’t wait to see you there x.”

On the show, Adele thanked Caesars Palace for the support she had received following the postponement of the run, saying she was “honoured” to perform at the venue.

“I would like to say a big thank you to Caesars because a lot of nonsense has been written about me since I canceled my shows.

“I’m telling you that 90% of it is absolutely completely made up – there are rumors that I’m moving hotels and theaters and all this and they never asked for it [me] any questions.”

Thousands of fans, who had traveled from all over the world for the show, gathered outside the venue hours before the show started and poured through the doors as soon as they opened.

Attendees said it “didn’t feel real” to be back in Las Vegas for her previously canceled show, but they were confident it would be “worth the wait.”

Others described having “butterflies” and not wanting to set their hopes too high in the event of a second disappointment.

Some fans described being “triggered” by another last-minute message from the singer, before realizing her message was positive.

Amy Jaron, 23, from Los Angeles, California, said: “It doesn’t feel real, it’s finally here and it feels like an eternity since we were here.

“We’ve met so many people, so it was great to happen after a sad thing that happened… We’re happy to be reunited.”

Rafael Faci, a 23-year-old medical student from Brazil, said he missed multiple exams to travel to the US again to see the show.

Adele’s run at Caesars Palace was originally set to begin at the Colosseum on January 21, 2022 and run through April 16. Her new run will take place from November 18 to March 25, with the 24 rescheduled shows and eight additional dates.

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