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AI conquers Minecraft, and babies after death

+ Scientists have found a way to mature eggs from transgender men in the lab. It could give them new ways to start a family, without the need for worrying IVF procedures. Read the full story. + How reproductive technology is changing what it means to be a parent. Progress could lead to babies with four or more birth parents, forcing us to rethink parenting. Read the full story.

The must reads

I’ve scoured the internet to find you the funniest/most important/scariest/fascinating stories about technology today.

1 Elon Musk Wants To Restore Banned Twitter Accounts
It’s an incredibly dangerous decision with widespread consequences. (WP $)
+ Recent departures have hit Twitter’s policy and security divisions hard. (WSJ $)
+ It seems that Musk’s promise of no further layoffs was premature. (Insider $)
+ Meanwhile, Twitter Blue is reportedly launching next week. (Reuters)
+ Imagine simply transferring your followers to another platform. (FT $)
+ Twitter’s potential collapse could wipe out vast records of recent human history. (MIT Technology Review)

2 Russia’s energy withdrawal could cost the lives of tens of thousands of people in Europe
High fuel costs could lead to more deaths this winter than the war in Ukraine. (Economist $)
+ Higher gas prices will also affect Americans as the weather worsens. (Vox)
+ The invasion of Ukraine underscores Europe’s deep dependence on Russian fossil fuels. (MIT Technology Review)

3 FTX cannot fulfill the promised subsidies to various organizations
Many of them have to seek emergency funding to close the gaps. (WSJ $)
+ Bahamians are not thrilled about what the collapse could mean for them. (WP $)

Must Read
Microsoft announces ESG innovation with Microsoft Cloud

4 It’s a quieter Black Friday than usual
Shopping is currently not a priority. (Bloomberg $)
+ If you decide to shop, make sure you don’t get ripped off. (Wired $)

5 The UK restricts the use of Chinese surveillance systems
But only on ‘sensitive’ government sites. (FT $)
+ The world’s largest security company you’ve never heard of. (MIT Technology Review)

6 Lung covid is still incredibly difficult to treat
The symptoms vary greatly, which can also make it difficult to track. (Undark)
+ A universal flu vaccine looks promising. (New scientist $)

7 San Francisco police are considering letting robots use lethal force
The force has 12 remote-controlled robots that could theoretically kill someone. (The edge)

8 Human Hibernation Could Be The Key To Getting Us To Mars
It could be the closest thing to time travel. (Wired $)

9 Why TikTok is suddenly so obsessed with dabloons
It’s a form of choose-your-own-adventure fun. (The protector)

10 We can’t stop reinventing mousetraps
There are thousands of versions, but we keep coming up with new designs. (New Yorker $)



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