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Apple iPhone 14 Vs. 13: Smartphone Sibling Head-to-Head

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Shane Snider

Should Apple’s minor changes to its smartphone lineup justify an upgrade? Apple’s recently reported slump in production may not suggest. But we take a closer look at the models for 2021 and 2022.

The smartphone that sparked our collective obsession with mobile screens is undoubtedly the iPhone. And every year, dozens of Apple diehards line up to experience new handheld technology from the Cupertino, California-based tech giant.

This year, Apple introduced its iPhone 14 series on its Event “Far Away”. Surprisingly, the company chose to stick with the chipset from the previous year in the entry-level models. In previous years, the tech giant has upgraded the chips for all models. Dan Ives, an analyst at Wedbush, called that move a rare “misstep” by Apple and the reason why was not quite what the company expected. “Going into the holiday season is going to be a tough balancing act,” Ives told CRN in an interview. “You can’t smoke it and mirror it – the base model was disappointing and that’s what will be on the shelves. So they will have to find the right balance.”

The iPhone 14 Pro series, armed with the new A16 chip (which Apple calls the “fastest ever in a smartphone”), showed solid early demand, Ives said.

Click through the slideshow to see how the iPhone 14 compares to its predecessor, the iPhone 13:

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Shane Snider is a senior associate editor covering personal computing, mobile devices, semiconductor news, hardware reviews, breaking news, and live events. Shane is an accomplished journalist and has worked for newspapers in upstate New York and North Carolina. He can be reached at ssnider@thechannelcompany.com.

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