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Artificial Intelligence, Patient Knowledge on Skin Cancer

In her interview segment with Orit Markowitz, MD, she described areas that needed more skin health research related to her SDPA 20th Annual Fall Dermatology Conference presentation, as well as innovations she hoped for in the future.

Markowitz works as a dermatologist and skin cancer specialist. She is also CEO and founder of Markowitz Medical and is known for her work developing minimally invasive diagnostic and treatment protocols for skin cancer.

The presentation Markowitz was interviewed about explored some ways dermatologists and physician assistants can distinguish pigmented squamous cell carcinoma and pigmented basal cell cancer and melanoma from less dangerous skin problems.

In this interview segment, she first highlighted some research gaps that she hoped would be expanded, such as the field of artificial intelligence (AI) that she believes is useful for efficiency in the medical field.

“How can we make it better?” Markowitz asked about artificial intelligence. “How can we evolve? How can we make people more efficient? And certainly not ‘how can we replace’, because AI hasn’t really done that in almost any field, and certainly not in medicine. It’s more what it can do to make us better at what we do, and also make us more efficient. So that is definitely an area of ​​research.”

Markowitz also described some of the research she is involved in, such as the ways different types of medical technology can be used in other spaces.

“But what a lot of the research I do now is let’s take the modalities that we use to diagnose skin cancer, non-invasive imaging and various other technologies and let’s apply them to other aspects of skin and dermatology,” she explained. “Maybe there are things we can learn about cosmetics, maybe there are ways to diagnose or even treat other skin diseases. And so a lot of the research I’m doing now is actually in those spaces as well.

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Markowitz concluded by describing the future of patient knowledge about skin health and skin cancer.

“We have more cases of skin cancer each year than breast, colon, lung and prostate cancer combined,” she said. “So patients are more aware of that now because they’re just more, there are so many more outlets for patients.”

Check out the full interview above regarding Markowitz’s SDPA 2022 presentation.



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