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AXL ROSE Responds To GUNS N’ ROSES Fan’s Microphone Injury Claim

Axel Rose has responded to an Australian woman’s claim that she was punched in the face by the singer’s microphone during the performance GUNS N’ ROSESconcert in Adelaide on Tuesday (29 November).

The alleged incident happened while Rose and his bandmates performed the last song of their set, “Paradise City”. At the end of the song, the singer launched the microphone into the audience, allegedly punching the woman in the face.

The woman, who suffered bruises on her face, told ABC“I was just issuing a warning to people: if Axl sings ‘Paradise City’get ready to take cover.” She added, “I didn’t mean to win anything.”

The woman told the Adelaide advertiser the microphone hit her on the bridge of the nose. She said an off-duty police officer took her aside after being beaten and cared for her, trying to stop the bleeding from her nose.

“I was in shock and hyperventilating,” she claimed. “My thoughts went, ‘Oh, my God, my face has caved in.'”

She added that she was concerned about other concertgoers getting hurt GUNS N’ ROSES continue their tour in Melbourne on December 3.

“What if [the microphone] was a few inches to the right or left?” she said.

“I could have lost an eye…if my head had turned and it had hit me to sleep, it could have killed me.”

In response to the woman’s claim, Rose posted a lengthy message on social media.

“It has come to my attention that a fan may have been injured at a show in Adelaide, Australia, possibly hit by the microphone at the end of the show, when I traditionally throw the microphone at the fans,” he wrote. “If it’s true, we obviously don’t want anyone to get hurt or hurt anyone in any way at any of our shows anywhere.

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“After more than 30 years of throwing the mic at the end of the show, we’ve always felt it was a familiar part of the end of the performance that fans wanted and knew they had the chance to mic. Regardless of the public safety interest, we will from now on refrain from throwing the microphone or anything else at the fans during or at performances.

“Unfortunately, there are those who, for reasons of their own, chose to cast their coverage of this topic in a more negative and irresponsible light that couldn’t be further from reality. We hope that audiences and of course fans understand that sometimes happens.

“THANKS everyone for understanding.”

Another fan reportedly ended up near the microphone Axl threw into the audience.

This was not the first time a microphone Rose launched into the audience at an Australian concert resulted in injuries. In 2013, a Perth man was allegedly punched in the mouth by a microphone Axl threw, damaging two of his front teeth. He later used the court to seek damages to recover the cost of $5,000 AUD in dental costs.


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Woman says she almost lost her eye after being hit by a Guns N’ Roses microphone

#Exclusive: 10 News First speaks to the woman who was punched in the face by a microphone thrown by Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose at this week’s concert at Adelaide Oval.

Rebecca Howe described the blow as feeling like she was “hit by a truck” and that she “could have lost an eye”.

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Posted by 10 News First Adelaide on Thursday, December 1, 2022



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