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Behind The Mystery celebrates 10 years of attention to rare and genetic diseases

POMPANO, Florida —

Behind The Mystery Celebrates 10 Years of Rare and Genetic Diseases, While Giving a Voice to Patients, Families and Advocates

The show interviews top experts in pharmaceutical and biotech companies, elucidating complex medical issues

Behind the mysterya television show dedicated to raising awareness of rare and genetic diseases is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a special episode airing on Lifetime on November 28 at 7:30 AM ET/PT.

Many rare and genetic diseases are unknown to the world and remain a mystery to this day. Behind the mystery brings these rare conditions to the forefront of conversation, giving affected individuals the opportunity to find the right tests, get a diagnosis and learn about new treatments.

“There are a lot of diseases and conditions that people deal with that we know very little about,” said Brittany Cocilova, producer of Behind the Mystery. “In a rare disease, there is no map. Patients, caregivers, physicians and advocacy groups compete every day for effective testing, diagnosis, treatment and answers to why they are experiencing unusual symptoms.”

Every episode of Behind the mystery targets a rare or genetic disease. Through discussions with patients, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical executives and biotech researchers, the latest discoveries are shared with the public to provide potential solutions to their undiagnosed symptoms.

Behind the mystery gives people a place to share their stories and helps people find the tests and doctors they need,” said Carri Levy, co-creator and producer. “It introduces clinical trials, treatments and foundations to support the rare disease journey.”

“A segment on Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressive (FOP) featured patient Nancy Sando. Nancy married a man who also had FOP, and after his untimely death, she was the first FOP patient to donate stem cells,” said Molly Mager, producer of Behind the Mystery. “This incredible act gave researchers unprecedented access to information about the disease, ultimately leading to the discovery of the exact gene responsible for FOP.”

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Behind the mystery celebrates its 10th anniversary by continuing to be a voice for rare disease patients and sharing their diagnostic journeys. Providing hope to those suffering from rare and genetic diseases is at the heart of the show.

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Behind the mystery

Behind the Mystery is a specialized segment on The Equilibrium Law dedicated to highlighting and clarifying the complex emotional, scientific and medical aspects associated with rare and genetic diseases, providing understandable explanations from experts in the field.



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