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Bella Hadid Named ‘World’s Most Stylish Person’

Bella Hadid has been named “the most stylish person on earth” by British GKwhich the supermodel chose from an annual list of celebrity trendsetters, including Harry StylesJade Smith, Kim Kardashian and Lil Nas X.

Hadid, 26, was singled out for her ability to “carry it all”.

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“Menswear. Womenswear. Streetwear. Workwear. Smartwear. Wavywear. Few can wear it all (and do it well). Few are Bella Hadid,” said the magazine, highlighting her fashion sense when wearing menswear.

“Hadid is better at menswear than most men – and she can still wear anything and everything,” British GK This is stated in an article published on Wednesday. “Tailored. Prada loafers. Big denim jackets. There was even a tie at one point. It’s wavy, classic and uncomplicated all at the same time.”

Hadid is supermodel’s sister Gigi Hadid27, and the second daughter of a Palestinian-Jordanian real estate developer Mohammed Hadid, and former model and reality TV star Yolanda Hadid. She started modeling at the age of 16 and has graced the cover of International ever since Fashion magazines 27 times.

She also broke model Doutzen Kroes’ record for the most Fashion September covers in one year in 2017, when she appeared on the covers of the China, Spain, Brazil, Australia and Arabia editions.

Today, Hadid is one of those highest paid models in the world together with sister Gigi, according to earn about $ 19 million Forbes.

She has also fervently used her fame for activism, especially for Palestinian causes, and has said she does regrets not growing up in a Muslim culture. Her father, Mohamed, and his family were among those who left Palestine during the 1948 Nakba. Hadid’s parents separated when she was only four.

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In April, Hadid took to Instagram to speak out against Israel’s storming of Al Aqsa Mosqueand accused the social media platform of shadowing her stories.

She has too used Instagram to promote a small Palestinian business in the USwho shares photos from the independent New York record store owned by Palestinian businessman Jamal Alnasr, encouraging her Instagram followers to visit.

“197 bleacher street NY, NY @villagerevivalrecordsnyc Please go visit my friend Jamal,” she wrote alongside the letters PS, which stand for Palestine, and a love heart emoji.

Hadid, who is ready to fix her soon to make acting debut in the Emmy award-winning series Ramyalso talked about the personal and professional costs she has paid for her vocal support for Palestine.

“When I was 14, I literally wrote ‘Free Palestine’ on my hand with flowers in paint,” Hadid said. “And I was scolded and immediately labeled a person of hatred for another people.”

“I never knew who Bella actually was until I reconnected with my Palestinian side,” she recently told Libyan-American journalist Noor Tagouri’s podcast. representative.

“When I talk about Palestine, I am labeled as something I am not. But I can speak of the same thing happening there, happening elsewhere in the world, and that’s honorable. What is the difference?

“I’ve done my education enough, and know my family enough, I know my own history enough, and that should be enough.”

The GK The stylish list also included Justin Bieber, Chris Pine, Zendaya, Lizzo, Dua Lipa, Daniel Kaluuya, Zoe Kravitz and Austin Butler, among others.

The annual list pays tribute to “people who have made the world wilder, crazier and happier,” according to the magazine.

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Browse the gallery below for recent photos of Bella Hadid in Qatar

Updated: November 24, 2022, 8:08 AM



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