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Black Friday 2022 headphone deal: Beats Studio 3 are 57% off

Beats or Sony headphones? This Black Friday, you might be able to afford both, or pick the one that’s most comfortably within your price range.

I bought the $350 Beats Studio3 wireless noise canceling headphones twice, once for me and once as a gift for a friend — each time I cringed at the impact on my wallet. They’re currently on sale for $200 off, a 57% savings, on both Best Buy and Amazon. She are at their best price yet.

The benefit to the Studio3 is that the noise reduction actually works, and you can easily switch between transparency and noise reduction. Hands-off calls are a game changer and the cushioning on the over-ear pieces is high quality. The battery lasts a while, up to 22 hours, and charges quickly. Using these headphones is comfortable due to the padding on the top of the headphones that prevents the top from digging into your head with prolonged use.

The Beat Studio3 come in blue, matte black, red, white, bold black-red, night black or shadow gray. Amazon currently has a wider color selection than Best Buy. Here’s my matte black pair for reference:


Sherin Shibu

Buying $150 headphones may be out of your price range. My little sister needed a new pair, but she refused to give me her Beats as a gift because she thought they were too expensive. Fortunately, the Sony WH-CH710N wireless noise canceling headphones passed the price check. I bought them on Best Buy for $68, $82 off the original price, and got free 2-day shipping even with a guest account. Within two days they were at my door. This is what the box looked like and what the package looked like without the box:


Sherin Shibu

The Sony headphones have up to 35 hours of audio on a single charge, and you get an hour of playback from just a 10-minute charge. The noise cancellation is a cool feature – it automatically detects how loud your environment is and adjusts accordingly. Amazon listed these headphones for $100, the lowest price for them on Amazon to date, but Best Buy has the better deal on the same pair for $68 (55% or $82 off the regular price).

The headphones are available in black or grey.

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