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Canadian woman’s lottery win leaves internet divided

It’s an old story: Families come into conflict when luck comes their way in the form of a lottery win.

However, a young Canadian woman picked up a serious moral crust after checking tickets for her uncle and later harboring the idea of ​​throwing away significant winnings from free play for herself.

The woman recently took to an online forum to ask, “Am I the a-hole?” – revealing what she had done.

It all started when her estranged uncle contacted her, who randomly reached out to ask if she could check tickets he had bought in her neighborhood.

She said he couldn’t do this himself online because his IP showed he was in a different province.

She agreed and he sent her pictures of the tickets.

After checking them on an app, you saw that her uncle had won some free play.

A week later, she used one of the free plays and earned $8,986.42 (USD).

A file image of raffle tickets at a kiosk in Toronto, Canada.
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“If I had bought the original ticket, everything would be fine,” she said.

“But I feel like I’m the asshole if I don’t notify my uncle and don’t offer to share the prize.

“I mean, the tickets/free play was useless to him without me, and I chose the lottery ticket that won big, but I never spent money on lottery tickets.”

The woman went on to tell the forum that she was considering telling him she had won some money, but a smaller amount, and she would keep the difference.

“Should I tell him I won, but only $3,000, and see what his reaction is?” she asked.

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“Then, worst-case scenario, I’m the godsend niece who won $3,000 and gave it all to my relative, and I still have enough for most of a new heating solution.”

In an attempt to present the forum with some extenuating circumstances, she said she and her uncle “weren’t close”.

A variety of Canadian lottery games spread out on a table.
A variety of Canadian lottery games spread out on a table.

“I mean, we’ve seen each other twice in the last 15 years, once at a wedding and once at a funeral,” she said as a disclaimer.

“I don’t have a close relationship with anyone on that side of the family, so alienating them is kind of our current dynamic.”

But the good in her seems to have prevailed, and the woman finally decides to confess to her uncle.

“I’ll text him in the morning, honestly I don’t care much about money, and I’d rather have good karma,” she said.

“I’ll see what he wants to do, and if he wants it all, I’ll suggest I keep a few bucks for my labor — like $20 — and call it good.”

But her brief consideration of greed kicked up the forum on ethics.

“You’re mostly the asshole. That money is not yours and it is clear that you don’t like helping people if you are now considering stealing money they won,” one complained.

“If you haven’t discussed what to do with any winnings, then technically you haven’t done anything wrong. On the other hand, you only got the tickets thanks to him, so if it were me, I’d offer him half of the winnings,” said another understanding person.

“For me personally I would offer half just because I would hate for something like that to come between family (we all know what money can do to some people) although she is not obligated to do it it is nice to offer ‘ added another.

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