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Brand-New VR Tech Could Reignite Metaverse Stocks

Amid the economic chaos of 2022, investors have all but forgotten about VR and its once promising metaverse. Since the end of 2021, Google’s search interest in the metaverse has collapsed by 88%. And stocks like Roblox (RBLX) and meta (META) are absolutely crushed.

But maybe investors should not have to have forgotten the metaverse.

Maybe there’s something about building a virtual world and allowing people to create their own lives in it. Perhaps there is something about using augmented and extended reality technology to produce better media, create self-driving simulations or play games.

Indeed, VR and the metaverse are promising.

They were just missing something in 2022.

And if so, then the “missing link” may have just arrived at the party. And we think it could revive a Metaverse Gold Rush in the next 12 months.

Let’s take a deeper look.

The metaverse is destined for greatness

Let me make one thing very clear to begin with. Our team has always believed that the metaverse is destined for greatness. But we never believed that the metaverse “prototype” introduced to the public in 2021 was the version that would succeed.

The metaverse will be big, but it won’t be centered around people wearing headsets and living in virtual worlds. It’s about glasses, contacts and next-generation computer desktops that integrate VR, XR and AR technologies with the real world.

The argument for the metaverse is quite simple.

It all comes down to one thing: Humans are natural escapists. We like reality, though. But we also escape it sometimes.

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A few decades ago, we escaped through analog platforms such as books, magazines, and movies. They used our imaginations to take us to places we hadn’t seen and to feel things we hadn’t felt.

Nowadays, we escape through 2D internet platforms, such as video games, social media and streaming shows. They do the same as those analog escape mechanisms, but are much more immersive.

In the future, we will escape through 3D internet platforms such as VR gaming, virtual bars/clubs and immersive shows and movies. These experiences will bring a whole new level of immersion that will vastly improve the consumer experience.

It’s the natural course of things. 3D Internet Platforms Represent the Next Evolution of Human Escapism.

And our jump to those platforms is not a matter of ‘either’. It’s a matter of ‘when’.

Technologies always lacked the right hardware

The “when” would never be 2021.

The version of the metaverse thrown to the world in 2021 was terrible for many reasons. Dorky avatars, corny virtual worlds, awkward presentations from Mark Zuckerberg…

None of that was good.

But the main of the reasons that the 2021 version would never succeed was: hardware. Simply put, clunky headsets don’t get many people excited.

Remember: the internet only became ubiquitous when a bold company called Apple (AAPL) has created a small, accessible, handy and even stylish hardware device called the iPhone that puts the Internet in their hands.

The point? Even the best software technologies don’t become ubiquitous until the right hardware is invented and implemented. Usually, that “right” hardware includes something unobtrusive, cheap, accessible, and stylish. It’s something 99% of consumers wouldn’t mind using on a daily basis.

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Headsets are not.

The VR technology of the future

But contact lenses are — that’s why we’re super excited about the work of a small California startup called Mojo Vision. The company is working on AR contact lenses that will compress the AR capabilities of a headset into a simple contact lens and then overlay those images over the real world.

That’s a version of the metaverse that we can find out. Imagine playing a round of golf with friends. And after each shot, a small contact lens in your right eye displays an unobtrusive overlay of virtual information that tells you the characteristics of that shot (power, distance, etc.) and then displays an updated scorecard for that game.

An image of a robotic person looking up, wearing a smart VR contact lens, info overlay over their head

Source: NataliaMalc/Shutterstock

Pretty cool, right?

Or what about this? Virtual desktops.

There is another startup called Brelyon that has designed what we believe will be the future work desktop. It’s a 122-inch tall, 1.5-meter-deep curved screen that’s meant to be placed on a desk instead of a standard monitor. The idea is that you simply place your head in the center of this VR monitor – while sitting or standing at your desk – and connect it to a virtual desktop.

I don’t know about you, but as someone with four different computer monitors on their desk, this next-gen Brelyon desktop sounds like a perfect fit!

Of course, Mojo Vision’s contact lenses are still very early in development, as are Brelyon’s VR monitors. But these hardware innovations are happening now. Not tomorrow. Not next year. They happen now.

That means we expect some of these innovations to hit the mass market within the next 12 months. And at that point, we think the metaverse will finally come into its own.

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The VR Gold Rush begins – and we will be ready to take advantage of it a lot.

The final word on VR and the Metaverse

Look, I don’t blame you for giving up the metaverse. I almost did too. The version of the metaverse released in 2021 by Mark Zuckerberg & Co. was sold was a joke.

But that’s not the version of the metaverse that will succeed.

The version that will, is the one that combines innovative, accessible and unobtrusive hardware with VR and AR technologies and seamlessly integrates virtual information into the real world.

That’s the version of the metaverse I’m excited about. And it’s the one currently being built in engineering labs across America.

So no, this is not the time to throw in the towel. On the contrary, now is the time to bet big on it.

Pretty much every metaverse stock out there has been crushed in the stock market sell-off in 2022. From current levels, some provide investment opportunities for generations.

Find out the best stocks to buy today for $500 or less.

At the date of publication, Luke Lango had no (direct or indirect) positions in the securities referred to in this article.



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