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Coyote mistaken for dog released with companion rescued in RI

The coyote pup was so young when she was rescued from the side of the road in Smithfield last spring that she had to be bottle fed and her eyes were just beginning to open.

Wildlife Rehabilitators Later paired her with a male coyote who was initially mistaken for a German Shepherd when he was rescued in Massachusetts.

The coyotes became inseparable friends and were released back into the wild together on Wednesday.

“While some coyotes choose to split up after being released, something tells us that these two could be linked for life,” said the… Cape Wildlife Center in Barnstable, Massachusetts, said in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

The Rhode Island coyote initially received care at the Wildlife Rehabilitators Association of Rhode Island was then transferred to the rehabilitation center on Cape Cod so the couple could be raised together to encourage their wild instincts.

“The two became friends very quickly (and) have been inseparable ever since. Because they had each other as companions, they have remained wild and (warrant) of people,” according to the Cape organization. “If they are released as a unit, hopefully they will increase their survival rate in the wild.”

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The post did not say where they were released.

The post provided more information about the Massachusetts coyote, whose rescue “garnered national attention,” the Cape Center said.

“After 6 long months of rehabilitation, this pup has made incredible progress. He is wild in every way and shows all the right behavior and skills,” the post read. “Weighing in at just over 40 pounds, he has a healthy appetite and is increasingly active in the large outdoor enclosure.”

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A Massachusetts family found the coyote “wandering and sad by the side of a busy road” and took it home before realizing it was not a German Shepherd.

The Rhode Island coyote pup was found on the side of a busy road in Smithfield in late April and taken to the Wildlife Rehabilitators Association of Rhode Island.

“My assumption is that something happened to Mom and this little girl was dropped,” Kristin Fletcher, executive director of the Wildlife Rehabilitators Association of Rhode Island, said in April.

Rescuers from Rhode Island later transferred the puppy to the Cape Cod agency and they were gradually brought together.

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“It was a little slow at first, but once they felt each other, they quickly started to bond,” Cape Wildlife said in an earlier Facebook post. “It wasn’t long before they were wrestling and playing with each other, which is crucial for their normal development.”

Rescuers took a little extra time to introduce the pair, as the female rescued in Rhode Island is about two weeks younger and smaller than the male.

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