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Karis’ Cause volunteers donate $25K to James Cancer Hospital for therapy clinic

NEWARK Karis’ Cause, a charitable organization that provides help and a sense of relief to families affected by childhood cancer, Thursday handed over a check at James Cancer Hospital for $25,000 for a proton therapy clinic.

The clinic, which will open in 2023, is a joint venture between Ohio State University and Nationwide Children’s Hospital for children and adults.

The Karis’ Cause financial donation will focus on a virtual reality technology that will reduce anxiety and pain for children as they complete therapies and MRIs. Proton therapy is especially effective for brain tumors.

Marci Harbage, who teaches at Garfield Elementary School in Heath, is the volunteer leader of Karis’ Cause, which supports courageous children and their families on their journey until there is a cure for childhood cancer. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month,

Saturday at 9am, Karis’ Cause kicks off the eighth annual 5K at the Newark Rotary Park on Sharon Valley Road. The proceeds from the race could reach a record $80,000.

Emily Collins, deputy director of the Annual Leadership Awards for the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center and the James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute

“A wonderful gift has just been received on behalf of pediatric radiotherapy oncology,” Collins said. “This gift supports virtual reality for children undergoing radiation. There is a lot of research being done in the state of Ohio about the incredible benefits of helping children reduce their anxiety before receiving treatment.”

Harbage, Karis’ aunt, and Marc and Connie Guthrie, Karis’ grandparents, explain on the website where the organization comes from.

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“Karis’ Cause came on Labor Day weekend 2014, when 2-year-old Karis was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia,” they wrote. “We will never forget that night at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, when the doctor told us the news. We realized that this was a journey that a family should not take alone.

“While spending 40 days in NCH, Karis and her entire family got so much support from others. In addition to Karis being in good health, we wanted something good to come out of her trip. As you can probably guess, we have we named our group “Karis’ Cause”, because without Karis and her amazing courage we would not have had the motivation to start this volunteer group.”

For more information about Karis’ Cause, please visit: www.KarisCause.org and www.facebook.com/KarisCause.



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