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Best RPG VR Games On PC

RPG games are some of the most exciting and magical games that provide unforgettable gaming time for casual and avid gamers alike. RPGs have all kinds of worlds and stories, meaning players can try exciting and dark RPGs VR Shooters for Oculus Quest 2 and all other game platforms including RPG VR PC Games.

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Thanks to these VR games, players can be completely immersed in some of the most imaginative worlds as they become heroes, monsters, explorers and anything else they want. Some of most complex new VR games are also RPGs, so more experienced gamers can easily find worthy challenges while also enjoying all the benefits of new VR games. It doesn’t matter if a gamer likes to get lost in space, fantasy lands or futuristic dystopian planets, these VR classics allow them to do so in a more immersive and memorable way.


8 Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul

Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul is one of the scariest early access VR horror games. This psychological horror VR game is based on the same myth as the internationally known Paranormal Activity movies. Players are completely immersed in a terrifying and violent world in which they must use a few tools and their wits to stay alive and defeat their supernatural enemies.

Gamers can explore one of the scariest haunted houses in gaming as they try to unravel a dark mystery. Players will have to find and solve clues, while also trying to stay alive and not get too scared by surprise attacks.

7 Corsairs!

Corsairs! is one of the most fun pirate games A piece and Pirates of the Caribbean enthusiasts can enjoy in VR. This adventurous VR RPG game allows players to become fearless pirates and explore the beautiful and vibrant open world of the game while searching for treasure and defeating enemies.

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Players will be immersed in a beautiful historical world where they will have to sail in battleships after choosing to pledge their allegiance to the Buccaneer pirates or one of the great empires and fight for supremacy in the Caribbean Sea. It is a complex and adventurous game, but a casual game, making it perfect for both novice and more experienced gamers.


RUINSMAGUS is one of the most cinematic JRPGs takes place in a magical fantasy land. It is one of the best RPG VR games not only for anime but also for fantasy lovers who enjoy games with atmospheric worlds and cool magical systems.

Players can explore mysterious ruins beneath a beautiful city and learn about magic and dark secrets. As gamers get to know this story-rich world and discover the details of the mystery, they will discover that they are the only ones who can save the city with the help of their companion named Iris.

5 Legendary Stories

Legendary Stories is one of the spookiest and most magical early access dungeon RPG VR games. This dark fantasy adventure game allows players to get lost in and explore an immersive and beautifully dark medieval world.

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Players can learn and showcase their swordsmanship skills as they explore the game’s haunted dungeons, collect loot and take down their enemies one by one. Gamers can go on their dark adventures alone or with their friends to experience this unique RPG VR game and its legendary stories together.

4 demo

demo is a beautiful old school style dungeon crawler RPG VR game set in an exciting fantasy land. This magical online table game allows players to experience VR in a whole new and exciting way. Players will have to join forces with their friends to defeat dark and powerful magical enemies.

As players embark on an adventure, they must use their strategic skills and become mighty eagle-eyed hunters, mystic wizards, or deadly assassins among many other fun characters. They go on epic quests in the beautiful fantasy land of Gilmerra to discover mysteries and defeat enemies.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR is one of the most exciting RPGs with great world building and the VR edition allows players to experience this beautiful game in a more immersive way. Players can get lost in a magical fantasy land full of epic adventures, powerful enemies and beautiful dragons.

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Gamers can become mighty warriors called Dragonborn and must embark on an unforgettable journey to save Tamriel after the return of the dragons. This iconic RPG multiplayer has a great story, beautiful art style and atmospheric world building where players can freely explore and defeat their enemies by using their fighting skills and their special power called The Voice.

2 Zenith: The Last City

Zenith: The Last City is one of the most fun and visually impressive early access RPG VR games for casual and avid gamers alike. This large scale multiplayer game transports its players to a magical and futuristic dystopian land.

Players can go on epic adventures as they explore the game’s breathtaking open world and also craft and fight against powerful enemies. Gamers will have to make strategic decisions and forge new friendships, useful alliances and build powerful guilds. However, players can also just relax and explore until they get the hang of the combat, which means it is one of the best RPG VR games for beginners and casual gamers who want to get started with large scale multiplayer games.

1 Half-life: Alyx

Half-life: Alyx is one of the most popular and top rated RPG VR games set in a dangerous yet thrilling dystopian world. Players will have to use their shooting and strategic skills to defeat the fearsome Combine alien race.

If players get lost in the dangerous but atmospheric world, they can also step into the shoes of Alyx Vance, one of the members of the last resistance group. As gamers explore this violent and story-rich world, they can best mods in the game and solve imaginative puzzles and fight the aliens until they can take back control of the planet.

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