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Fox 2 anchor Vic Faust fired from TV station after tirade

Vic Faust, the Fox 2 newscaster who last week directed a profane diatribe against a female co-host of a local radio show, has been fired from the television station.

“Vic Faust no longer works for Fox 2, KPLR (Channel 11) or Nexstar Media,” chief executive Kurt Krueger said Wednesday morning. Nexstar Media Group is the parent company of Fox 2.

Krueger declined to comment further, citing staffing restrictions.

A billboard shows the Fox 2 News team of Vic Faust (from left), Mandy Murphey and Shirley Washington, along Highway 40 (Interstate 64) at 14th Street in St. Louis, on Tuesday, September 20, 2022.

Hillary Levin, after dispatch

Faust used profanity at least 40 times when berating Crystal Cooper, who was part of Faust’s morning ride show on Sept. 13. KFNS (100.7FM)also known as “The Viper.”

In a social media post on Twitter about 12:45 p.m., Faust apologized.

“I am very sorry. My words hurt Crystal, my colleagues and family. I made a big mistake and I am ashamed,” Faust’s post read.

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“As I work to regain trust, I hope we can have an open dialogue about workplace respect and forgiveness. My fault is not my children’s. Please respect their privacy,” the post read.

Faust deleted his Twitter account sometime later on Wednesday or before 7:30 a.m. Thursday morning.

Faust now deleted tweet

On Sept. 13, Faust berated Cooper for her weight and parenting skills, addressing her repeatedly with a curse word usually aimed at women.

He also called her “fat,” “dumb,” and “nasty,” and at one point said, “Your kids have an (expletive) awful mother. I feel sorry for them.”

Faust had been a major news anchor at KTVI (Channel 2), the local Fox affiliate, for more than seven years. Most recently, he co-hosted the 5pm and 9pm weekday services with Mandy Murphey.

Vic Faust


After the eruption was reported Monday by the Post-Dispatch, Faust did not return to air and the radio show appears to have been put on hold.

The outburst, which took place off-air, was digitally recorded and sent anonymously to the post-dispatch tipline.

The spark for Faust’s speech seems to have come in the closing minutes of last week’s radio show. Faust and Cooper had an uneasy exchange after Faust became annoyed by Cooper’s criticism of his computer skills.

During a commercial break of the morning show on 100.7, co-hosts argued over their treatment of each other. The sound has been edited.

At one point, Faust tells Cooper not to come back to the show.

“When you come back, I’ll be in you (expletive) every (expletive) day,” Faust said, adding that he’d “call you an (expletive) every day.”

The radio station is licensed out of Troy, Missouri, and its studios are located in Lake Saint Louis. General manager Chris Blevins could not be reached for comment on Tuesday.

After graduating from the University of Missouri, where he played soccer, Faust worked in sports and news in Columbia and St. Joseph, Missouri; Tulsa; and Detroit. He left Detroit after 11 years to join Fox 2.

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