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New metabolic research platform discovers that a new postbiotic mixture extended lifespan and health in vivo

InVivo Biosciences (Eugene, OR), experts in preclinical in vivo testing, and Thaena Inc. (Portland, OR), a wellness company developing microbiome-based therapies, announced results of recent research demonstrating measurably superior health and longevity benefits from ThaenaBiotic powder, a sterilized postbiotic blend derived from healthy human stool. Results showed that the mixture increased the longevity and health of Caenorhabditis elegansoutperformed both resveratrol and rapamycin control groups when tested on the InVivo Vitality Platform.

InVivo Biosciences, on behalf of Thaena, used C. elegans as the scientific standard model organism because its short lifespan, combined with the ability to determine whether genetic pathways such as mTOR or insulin signaling are involved, make them a valuable tool for studying long-term effects. lifespan . Results showed that ThaenaBiotic protected the animals from the effects of oxidizing chemicals better than vitamin C, allowing the animals to continue healthy exercise patterns later in life. The companies are now conducting a transcriptomics study to determine the mechanism of action.

“We are exploring a new approach to look at the metabolites or postbiotics that the human microbiota produces. The mixture surprised us when it significantly extended lifespan and health,” said Andrea McBeth, co-founder of Thaena, in a press release. Over the past decade, the use of fecal transplantation in clinical trials has challenged our understanding of the role the microbiome plays in immune, neurological and metabolic health. We’ve learned that it’s not just the makeup of the microbiome that matters from a species point of view, but also what it produces. The InVivo Vitality Platform provided a new and more cost-effective way to explore how such a complex mix of small molecules produced by the microbiome can affect longevity and health. We are incredibly excited about these findings and believe this will open up a new world of discovery for long-term innovation.”

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“We, along with Thaena, were not expecting these findings and are excited to move forward together to expand research on how and why this treatment affects longevity,” added Kat McCormick, PhD., vice president of product at InVivo. Biosystems, please. “We are delighted that our scientific services are enabling growth and product development for new companies such as Thaena, which will drive new options and innovation in health and wellness. It really is a forward-thinking, new scientific approach to looking at how gut health and longevity are interrelated and a cost-effective way for Thaena to bring scientifically proven wellness products to the market.”

According to the company, the InVivo Efficacy Evaluation Platform can quickly and economically test the ability of a compound or formulation to influence genes and characteristics of good health with large samples of live animals in less than four months. The platform may offer the following surveys:

  • Genetic signature studies
  • Vitality Studies
  • Research into the capacity of antioxidants
  • Mitochondrial Studies


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