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The Best Airline Boarding Music: Here Are My 9 Picks

like a aviation nerd, I don’t just think about my favorite airlines when flying, but also when I’m at home. One of the most consistent ways I integrate my favorite airlines into my daily life is by listening to music when boarding airlines. Yes, the concept of listening to music aboard an airplane while at home may sound crazy to some, but when you hear some of these songs, you might understand why…

The best music when boarding an airline

I know I’m crazy, but I really have a thing for music on a plane. I tend to think that we associate a lot of memories with music, either based on what we were listening to when something happened, or simply because different music sums up different moods.

As someone obsessed with flying and associating many memories with it, I can’t help but notice the entry-level music that airlines use. For me, it’s a little touch that can help set the tone for a flight.

Almost without exception, I remember the entry-level music (or lack thereof) that airlines use. Boarding is a stressful time for many people, so I think a good soundtrack can set the tone for a relaxing flight.

I wanted to make an updated list of my favorite airline boarding music for a number of reasons:

  • For those who have moved on to “working from home”, I feel that some types of music really help with productivity, and for the most part, music boarding a plane is great in that regard; it is meant to relax without distraction
  • For many of us, this is such a fun way to be reminded of our favorite airlines

With that out of the way, here’s a list of my favorite airline-board music (interestingly, there’s significant overlap between this list and my list of the best airlines):

1. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways introduced special entry music a few years ago to mark the introduction of Qsuites. There are two versions of this – the original is the first one below and the second is the more recent one, which is currently playing. The music was created by a local Qatari composer, Dana Al Fardan, and I just find it so incredibly calming and relaxing.

2. Etihad Airways

Next on my list is Etihad, as the Abu Dhabi-based airline actually has three “generations” great entry music. Personally, Etihad’s entry-level music from several years ago is still my favorite, and this is my favorite song to listen to while I’m working.

However, the newer track is also great.

Then there’s the latest track introduced in 2021, which is nice, but my least favorite of the three.

3. Qantas

While Qantas isn’t an airline I’ve ever had a major emotional connection to, the Australian airline does have some spectacularly soothing entry-level music, and I don’t think there’s a better track to relax or work towards. The soundtrack was created by Australian composer Haydn Walker and guitarist Nathan Cavaleri.

4. Emirates Airline

I love the old Emirates entry-level music, although sadly the carrier no longer plays it. Now Emirates only plays radio hits, which for me are simply incomparable. There was something so familiar about it on an Emirates A380. steps and hearing the music below.

5. All Nippon Airways

When I listen to the song below I close my eyes and introduce myself aboard ANA first class, with endless “thanks for waiting” and “sorry” apologies. Gosh, I miss Japan… luckily it will open again soon!

6. Oman Air

Yes, the Gulf carriers seem to be doing the entry-level music right. I love flying with Oman Air in general, and particularly fond of the music of the Muscat-based carrier.

7. Turkish Airlines

Okay, this isn’t really entry-level music, but I can’t talk about aviation music without mentioning it Ridiculously addictive from Turkish Airlines (and probably not in a good way) holding music.

PSA: LISTEN TO YOUR DISCRETION, because the music can stay in your head for weeks.

Honestly, the actual entry-level Turkish music isn’t half bad either.

8. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines music is just beautiful. There’s something that doesn’t feel quite as upbeat as some of the other entry-level music out there, but it doesn’t get any quieter than this.

9. Japan Airlines

This isn’t necessarily the best music to work to (considering the vocals), but it’s a pretty cool song anyway. Japan Airlines has a theme song that is played during boarding which is called “I Will Be There With You.” It was produced by Katharine McPhee and David Foster in 2008 and its introduction coincided with the launch of 777-300ER flights to the United States by Japan Airlines.

What it comes down to:

I’ve been listening to the music of boarding an airplane at home for years. It’s great music to work on because it’s relaxing without being distracting. There are so many great songs and I’d say I listen to these for at least a few hours on an average day while I’m at work.

I’d love to hear what other OMAAT readers of entry-level music like! Ideally include links to the songs as I would love to add more music to my rotation.

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