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The will to live; unhealthy gut bacteria; Promise of genomic testing evolves

An oncologist wonders if the want to live or decide to let go has more to do with survival than anything modern treatment has to offer. (JCO Art of Oncology)

An unhealthy mix of gut microbiota may play a role in: breast cancer metastasis. (UVA health)

Exercise-induced elevations in HDL cholesterol helped reduce vulnerability — a marker for worse outcome — in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. (University of Surrey, Duke University Medical Center)

Black women and white women are allowed respond differently to endocrine therapy for breast cancer. (American Association for Cancer Research)

One of the most comprehensive studies to date has provided new insights into links between: social determinants of health and inequalities in cancer care. (American Cancer Society, Journal of the National Cancer Institute)

The risk of liver cancer among Hispanic/Latino individuals living in North America may increase with each successive generation. (American Association for Cancer Research)

More evidence to support universal germline genetic testing to inform treatment decisions for newly diagnosed breast cancer. (JAMA network opened)

A genomic test panel showed promise for identifying African American men on high risk of prostate cancer. (Moffit Cancer Center)

Identification of “critical genomic changes” in prostate cancer may lead to new strategies to overcome resistance to commonly used hormonal therapies. (Mayo Clinic, Molecular cancer research)

Updated guidelines for COVID-19 vaccination among patients with cancer. (National Comprehensive Cancer Network)

Studies with clinical models suggest that: loading cancer drugs into tiny lipid particles (nanoliposomes) can enhance the delivery of the drugs to tumors. (FASEB Journal)

A study combination of trifluridine/tipiracil (Lonsurf) plus bevacizumab (Avastin) significantly improved overall survival in refractory metastatic colorectal cancerServier and Taiho announced.

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QT Imaging Announced FDA Approval of a Technique to Calculate fibroglandular volume in the breast as a means of assessing breast cancer risk and response to breast cancer treatment.

Noted urological oncologist Nicholas Vogelzang, physicianof Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada, died Tuesday at age 72. (Las Vegas Review Journal)

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