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Black Adam Takes a Vicious Punch From Hawkman in New Promo

A new promo for Black Adam contains a tantalizing fight between the antihero and Hawkman, a member of the Justice Society. Fans have been seeing more and more of the JSA in scenes from Black Adam, especially in the last trailer. It appears that Amanda Waller is the one recruiting the Justice Society to bring in Black Adam, who has awakened after being incapacitated for thousands of years. Aldis Hodge plays the winged Thanagarian Hawkman, the brute of the Justice Society. While Black Adam has prevailed in most of their matchup, the latest Black Adam promo shows Hawkman delivering a massive punch that makes Dwayne Johnson stagger from the impact.

The 30-second promo kicks off quickly, as Hawkman flies in to punch Black Adam in the face, causing the latter to crash into a building. Hawkman and Doctor Fate tell Black Adam that they want to negotiate his peaceful surrender, to which Black Adam replies, “I’m not peaceful. I’m not surrendering either.”

Other new scenes are shown, including the Black Adam’s primary villain, SabbacSarah Shahi’s Isis and more. We also see Black Adam perform a thunderclap that causes an army of soldiers to flee. Finally, we end with this phrase from Black Adam: “There is no one on this planet who can stop me.”

Dwayne Johnson also shared a new poster for Black Adam Today. “The time for heroes is over,” says the poster, which shows Black Adam on his large stone throne. It’s a recurring motif for the film, and presumably plays out how Black Adam’s power will soon change the world of the DC Movies’ shared continuity.

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At a press event where the studio unveiled the new trailer for the film, attendees had the chance to see the Black Adam ask stars, where to put the Hawkman Actor How He Would Play the Role Differently.

“I mean, because there’s a lot of history to figure out where to start with this character, and for me and for what we did, talking to Jaume about what the direction of the story was, it really came down to what we know and love as fans,” said Hodge. “But then anyway, how it works and where we find them with Black Adam in this room, I can’t give away the cookies and the details. Everyone has a recorder, so I’m not going to say anything. I’ just want to say where we are is, it’s a great place for people who know and love what this is, but also, who want to discover when it comes to the Justice Society, when it comes to what we are, and how we move and how we’re in this world live with Black Adam.”

He added: “So if you’re a fan, you’re going to get what you want. You’re going to get what you need. If you’re not a fan, if you don’t know about this, you’re going to get everything you need to know to learn what this is, and you’re going to become a fan. So for me, they started this character and this team in just the right place to just make this whole thing take off.”

Black Adam hits theaters on October 21.

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