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AirPods Max users complain about ANC worsening after update

AirPods Max was launched almost two years ago. While these premium headphones have been praised for their workmanship, excellent sound quality and use in general, there were some complaints. For example, the case has seen a lot of controversy because of its design, and the AirPods Max doesn’t offer Lossless capabilities either. even when wired. A problematic Active Noise Canceling feature, on the other hand, wasn’t a problem the owners ever had.

I mean, at least until May, when Apple released the 4E71 firmware update, which is becoming more common AirPods MaxThe users are now convinced that it has made the Active Noise Canceling function worse. At the time the update was made available, a reddit thread with a dozen comments highlighting the issue for the first time, leading to a story by The edge a few months later.

While it seems harder to argue that active noise cancellation has deteriorated in recent months, let’s take a look at what some Reddit users said just after the update was available:

– I can hear myself typing and other outside noises that I haven’t heard before since the update. Wonder if anyone else has this problem too.

– 4E71 is garbage. Or maybe it was the update before 4E71. I hear myself typing. I hear birds. I hear so much more now. The noise canceling is gone. I went to Apple, got replacements and the replacements are the same. Sometime in the past month or two, noise canceling has gone away. I always used them without sound/music.

– I can hear myself typing, cars passing on the street, weights rattling in the gym. I noticed it almost immediately. The anc worked much better before and I hate that there is no way back.

Earlier, AirPods Max owners had issues with the headphones holding its charge well – which was resolved – but a degraded ANC function is completely new. In my experience, it seems that AirPods Max work the same as always. I have no issues on a plane trip, with construction noise when listening to songs, but the active noise cancellation isn’t perfect with sounds I wasn’t expecting, such as snapping a finger in front of my face.

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The edge‘s Umar Shakir said he “discovered a reduction in ANC strength after an overnight charge in the middle of the week”, probably when his AirPods Max automatically updated. The journalist writes:

Both my wife and I often work from home, and for a few days my AirPods Max made her business calls superbly inaudible to me, dispelling the corgi barking coming from under my desk to the lower realms and audibly shutting out the high-rises. construction site outside the window of my apartment. But now the ANC sounds like what I’d describe as a librarian’s transparency mode: it lets me hear my surroundings clearly, but reduces the volume for everything. I now hear everything I don’t want, and I’m convinced it’s because of that firmware update.

Is there any way to improve ANC on AirPods Max? Will there be a solution?

airpods-max-9to5mac-1 pro 2

Right now there seems to be no way to improve ANC AirPods Max. Users can try to repair or reset the premium headphones iOS 16’s Personalized Spatial Audiobut if you are facing this problem, it probably won’t go away.

The plus side is that Apple is currently testing a new firmware update for AirPods Max users for a few months. While it has been discovered that the headphones will include the new LC3 codec to improve audio calls, it’s not clear if Apple is actively working on improving the Active Noise Canceling feature.

Do you own the AirPods Max? Did you experience any issues with the Active Noise Canceling feature after it became available in May? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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