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two men from the future are captured

The visitor from the future
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Time travel, zombies, action, comedy, drama, The visitor from the future has it all. The film, co-written and directed by François Descraques, is based on a popular online French web series, and both begin in much the same way: a careless villain (Florent Dorin) travels back in time to save the world. However, the film goes further than that, in a way that feels familiar, yet is a delight.

It’s all about one Gilbert (Arnaud Ducret) who is about to open a nuclear power plant in the present. A power plant that, as The Visitor knows, will eventually destroy the world and turn the population into zombies. The visitor and his team have been trying to stop this for a while time, but keep failing. Possibly crossing attempts with Gilbert’s daughter, Alice (Enya Baroux), die wants to stop her father in the same way, though she has no idea how far his mistake will go. So The Visitor and Alice travel to the future with Gilbert while being chased by the evil Time Patrol, a group tasked with keeping track of time.

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There’s a lot going on in The visitor from the future, but the best thing about it is how well it combines so many different elements. With its core time travel plot, there are many sci-fi mysteries to unravel. While The Visitor continues to dodge the Time Patrol, there’s plenty of action too. Most importantly, the film has a super strong emotional core thanks to Alice and Gilbert — characters new to the series — who have sad family histories and radically different points of view about the world. As the pair team up with The Visitor to save the world, we experience the full scope of a father-daughter relationship, one that eventually leads to an unexpected but welcome underbelly of an ending that takes the film to a whole other level.

And while all about The visitor from the future yelling “big budget blockbuster filmmaking,” Descraques reportedly made the entire film for around $4 million. That’s not much in the grand scheme of things, aAnd yet the production design, effects, costumes and more make it all look much bigger. You can tell it was made by people who know how to get the most out of each resource. Even Jimmy Tillier’s bombastic, exciting score adds a very broad, exciting scope. Basically, the whole movie feels and looks like a big season finale of doctor whowith the stakes and surprises that match.

I must admit, I’d never seen or heard of The Visitor From the Future before sitting down to see the feature adaptation at Fantastic Fest 2022, but it completely won me over. That means if you are a fan, you’ll probably like it even more. And that’s saying something, because this movie is awesome.

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