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Beth Ditto’s Charm Offensive Won Late Night This Week

Beth Ditto’s Charm Offensive Won Late Night This Week

Photo: Late Night with Seth Meyers/YouTube

ziwe is will be back in November! The nighttime atmosphere was a bit dull, with Ziwe and Amber Ruffin on break and Desus & Mero in the rearview mirror. But Ruffin returns with new episodes in October and Ziwe returns in November, so it’s going to be an iconic fall.

This was a big Trump story week as several lawsuits were filed and other criminal proceedings… continued. A lot of monologue space was still occupied with the same outrage/schadenfreude combo we’ve had since 2016. Oh, and the ukulele plane – everyone was talking about the ukulele plane. But what worked best weren’t monologues; it was mainly guests who made late night pop this week.

As if we don’t have enough don’t worry baby drama in our heads Kathy Griffin let us know she replaced Chris Pine on Tuesday Jimmy Kimmel Live. Only Griffin would put up a lampshade for being a vulgar, as well as spill a little tea over who bailed. Griffin also let us know that Monica Lewinsky forced herself to vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016, so for that tidbit too. Finally, if you’ve ever wondered what Christmas is like with the Kardashians (other than those giant portraits they do), check out this clip.

Writer Felipe Torres Medina came up with an innovative plan to add more diversity to TV and film: Cast Felipe Torres Medina. In this completely selfless plan to get a better representation, you can buy statues of Medina playing some heartfelt civic roles. Doctor? To check. CSU on the donut run? To check. Mute astronaut? That’s a big check. you would be crazy not to add it to the asset library, Hollywood!

As a comedy fan, one of the strangest parts of the Queen’s grief news cycle was when everyone insisted she was funny. The queen apparently had jokes. John Oliver was as incredulous about that idea as I was, so he and Seth Meyers shot at her comedic taste On Late at night. She wanted to see John Mulaney’s new tour! She had always dreamed of doing the Del Close Marathon! These are all true and credible statements. Hopefully this is the last time this column has to do it #RipQueen Content. As a very, very funny woman, Her Majesty would know that once in a while you should rest the game in a scene.

More stand up on The Tonight Show! Late night is about movie stars promoting their projects, of course, but it’s also an important way for comedians to increase their booking fees or go from feature film to headliner. Michael Rowland had a charming couple about growing up in the South and dreaming of moving to New York to become a slut just like the ladies in Sex and the city. It is these stories of fulfilled childhood dreams that will get us through this recession.

We dive in double Late at night this week, and with interviews no less. Meyers holds his own in the impersonal interview section, but he rises above his compatriots in the ‘riffing with a pal’ space. This time Beth seemed to be promoting Ditto Monarch and hooked up her $90 Amazon wig, didn’t know how to sit, said you can’t swing a dead cat in Portland without hitting a witch (true, and probably very disturbing too, considering Portland witches love cats) , and generally ran amok on the show. Meyers tore up his question cards and let her associate freely as she was Kedzie Matthews or something. Ditto is charming, but Meyers’ excitement makes the segment.

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