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Avicenna.AI Partners With deepc to Revolutionize Stroke Patient Care

September 22, 2022 — Medical Imaging Specialist Avicenna.AIannounced a groundbreaking partnership with the MedTech company deep pcoffering one of the leading radiology AI platforms (deepcOS), to give healthcare providers access to their stroke suite. This move enables a step change in stroke patient management, enabling rapid treatment decisions by combining a uniquely comprehensive stroke management technology with a platform that integrates seamlessly into radiologists’ clinical workflow.

Every second counts. Avicenna.AI’s stroke suite gives radiologists exactly the tools they need to quickly and automatically identify, classify and assess patients, enabling faster decisions and saving lives.

Avicenna.AI’s CINA stroke suite provides a full suite of tools powered by deep learning to automatically identify acute abnormalities and support the emergency department. It consists of two FDA-approved CE-marked automatic triage tools and one CE-marked quantification tool:

  • CINA-LVO is a triage tool that immediately marks suspected great vessel occlusion (LVO) on CT angiography. Since every minute of untreated LVO means that two million neurons are lost, early diagnosis is critical.
  • Real-time trial tool CINA-ICH highlights suspected acute intracranial hemorrhage (ICH) on CT scans, efficiently prioritizes cases and drastically reduces time to treatment. ICH affects more than two million people worldwide with a 40-50% death rate within a month, so accurate early detection and treatment are vital.
  • CINA-ASPECTS is a quantification tool that automatically measures an ASPECT score to assess ischemic changes in stroke. CINA-ASPECTS enables faster, more consistent, and more accurate interpretations for assessing acute ischemic stroke.

To reach its potential, this technology must be available to those who need it. That’s where deepc comes in, creating an advanced AI ecosystem that gives radiologists direct access to AI-powered technologies. The platform is changing the way AI is applied by integrating directly into the clinical workflow. Avicenna.AI’s full range of strokes is now available through the platform, meaning more doctors and patients can take advantage of the tools than ever before.

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John Moulden, Chief Commercial Officer at deepc, commented: “Our companies are bringing a challenger mindset to this great partnership and together we are bringing truly revolutionary technology to healthcare providers and their radiology departments. I look forward to working with Avicenna.AI! “

Olivier Fuseri, Sales Manager at Avicenna.AI, commented: “We are delighted that our solutions for Stroke have been integrated into such a pioneering platform as deepcOS. Together we are committed to transforming the future of radiology through our combined technologies.

For more information: https://avicenna.ai;



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