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Chinese boy watches TV ‘too much,’ gets punished with all-night TV binge

An 8-year-old Chinese boy from Hunan province in central China was reportedly forced by his parents to watch television all night as punishment for not finishing his homework and watching too much TV.

The boy’s parents asked him to finish his homework and go to bed at 8:30 pm when they left their home, but instead of obeying, the boy chose to watch TV instead of doing his chores or taking a shower.

The timestamp on CCTV footage from the family’s home indicates that the incident occurred on Nov. 11.

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When the parents came home, the boy went straight to bed, but his parents noticed that he had not finished his homework and dragged him into the living room to punish him. He had to stay up all night watching TV, and although he seemed relaxed at first, he started crying around 2 a.m.

He tried to sneak back to his room to sleep, but his mother caught him and forced him back to the couch to watch more television. His parents reportedly took turns watching over the boy, who was not allowed to sleep until 5 a.m

The story sparked a discussion on Chinese social media, with some commentators criticizing the parents’ punishment and others sharing similar experiences.

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One user commented, “I had a similar experience. After feeding our three-year-old son who is a KFC fan for three days eating burgers and chicken, his enthusiasm is now gone.”

The punishment was too severe, and what if the boy starts to get used to staying up late? another wrote.

Tough parenting – also called tiger parenting – seen by some parents as a way to raise their children to be model citizens.

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Tiger parenting can continue beyond adulthood as well. A 22-year-old woman’s story went viral in June after she revealed that her mother is forcing her do a breathalyzer when she comes home from a night out with friends.

While having tiger parents can sometimes lead to success later in lifea group researchers from the KU Leuven in Belgium found that a strict parenting environment can lead to depression later in a child’s life.

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