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Chuck Lorre wrote a pilot about working with Charlie Sheen

Chuck Lorre and Charlie Sheen in 2005

Chuck Lorre and Charlie Sheen in 2005
Photo: Frederik M. Brown (Getty Images)

As anyone who’s watched the credits of a Chuck Lorre sitcom knows, the man likes to talk about himself and his TV career as a writer/producer (if you not caught the credits of a Chuck Lorre sitcom, he tends to sneak in little self-service notes instead of a standard production company logo), so it’s oddly unsurprising that he apparently wrote a script for a TV pilot about a guy named Chuck Lorre who worked on a popular sitcom called Two and a half Men that abruptly goes off the rails at some point thanks to the problematic tiger blood-fed behavior of a cast member named Charlie Sheen — you know, like what happened in real life.

This comes from The Hollywood Reporterand the weirdest thing about it all is that the script is titled Sex, drugs and a sitcom—obtained by THR was dated this year (meaning he wrote this recently, rather than right after all these things happened). But apparentlythere are some sharp meta jokes about other things that have happened in the decade since Sheen was fired Two and a half Mensuch as a scene where Sheen is being interviewed by Matt Lauer, with onscreen text referring to him as “NBC News anchor, when he was still working” (that’s one way to describe it, Chuck!). Then there is a flashback to the beginning of Two and a half Men “before it all turned into a septic clusterfuck,” which featured cameos from the stars of other famous sitcoms and big names in the TV industry (including former CBS boss Les Moonves, described in the script as “the most powerful man in television and a naughty, naughty boy,” and again: CLOCK!).

Of course, the script features Lorre herself as a character, with the real Lorre writing, “In this telling of the story, Chuck Lorre is portrayed as witty and likeable. There is another version where he is arrogant and insecure. Someone else can write it. THR says Lorre actually “shopped it in town” but never actually tried to make it, which we assume is Lorre’s equivalent of leaving something in your Tweet drafts or writing an angry email to someone and then sending it never send. You know, a healthy way to get some thoughts out of your head without actually having to share them with anyone…but then someone handed over the script THR and now everyone knows. At least this sounds funnier than some of our Tweet drafts.

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