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Dipping our toes in the Florida metaverse

I saw an Instagram post for the rock group this week Engine head and their performance at Ozzfest 2022.

It seemed a little strange to me, as a lead singer Lemmy Kilmister died in recent years.

After reading the details, this Ozzfest Music Festival performance was a digital hologram/avatar performance from the metaverse; hosted in Decentraland.

The event was packed with Web3 innovation (such as Motorhead playing with their late lead singer), NFTs, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. It was also free, as happened last weekend.

If you attended you could run around the stage and applaud the performers as your virtual avatar form without fear of getting hurt in the mosh pit since you’re not really there.

Some of the visuals from the show reminded me of Wii Bowling (goth version); you can form your own opinion from this video:

Need clarification on these terms? Do you feel like the world has passed you by?

Do not be afraid; this column is for you. Let’s dive into the metaverse.

Decentraland, where the concert took place, is a 3D world on the Internet, where visitors to the site can buy virtual plots, socialize and much more.

The money used there is a cryptocurrency called MANA, built on and using the Ethereum blockchain.

This world has been open to the public since 2020.

It sounds like someone had time on their hands during the pandemic.

Short version: The metaverse is a digital playground where users own digital land and can help control its existence. You can also play games, collect art (NFTs), and interact socially with other users.

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There are about 300,000 active monthly users on this site.

What is an NFT? That’s an acronym for ‘non-fungible token’, which means you have proof of ownership of all that digital art you bought in Decentraland. By now you’re following along or wondering if this is really something.

Yes, it is, and the everyday uses are here now. Taco Bell jumped into the NFT space with the sale of some images, and they quickly sold out.

In addition, the buyer receives a large gift certificate.

Other high-profile NFTs ao Glenfiddich whisky, singer Grimesand William Shatner. Shatner sold 125.00 units in 9 minutes including an x-ray of his teeth.

Sounds unreal? It’s very real with very real dollars (sort of) in NFT (cryptocurrency, not dollars) transactions.

Now to the metaverse.

The metaverse is internet at speed, a connection or immersion in the 3D world through a virtual reality headset or other VR device.

There are some very cool and very practical things happening in the metaverse.

In Florida, the City of Miami Gardens launched the Miami Gardens “Virtual City” Metaverse Experience.

You dive into a virtual version of the city with a social aspect. It is viewable through a VR headset or without (smartphone, PC, etc.) to ensure it is inclusive for all.

Users can explore events and landmarks as if they were really there.

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living: running a city, running a campaign, a tour, a TV show, museum or news publication; you could dive into this world right now.

Imagine sharing your vision with everyone around the world and making them experience it in a new way. Why not check out Miami Gardens first by downloading the Ceek VR app to see what I’m talking about.

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There’s a lot more going on here than touring a city, as the Orlando Economic Partnership claims they are the center (the metacenter) of the metaverse with over $1 billion invested in the space this year, according to WESH2 News. They describe what’s going on as a gold rush, including the tech sector, video game companies, and more.

I have contacted their team (thanks Jennifer) for their perspective:

“At the Orlando Economic Partnership (the Partnership), we have catalyzed this momentum and taken on the responsibility of making Orlando the MetaCenter, a region like no other in the world that combines creativity, technology and innovation as we do,” said David AdelsonChief Innovation Officer of Orlando Economic Partnership.

“Metaverse related industries have had their roots in Orlando for decades, this is not something we are inventing; we are catalyzing and fully leveraging our potential as a tech hub and expanding our footprint, driving companies to move or expand to our region. We have the talent, the staff and everything anyone needs to be successful in the Metaverse,” said Adelson.

They’re doing something special in Orlando in the tech room with the CEO of the OEP office, Tim Giulianitaking home a number of prestigious awards this year, including the name a GIS WebTech Award for Technology Leadership.

If you’re looking for a competitive advantage, an edge over an adversary, or a differentiator from everyone else in your industry, you may have just come across one.

Maybe it’s time to join the Florida metaverse.

Or do you think I’ve only scratched the meta surface with this column?

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Both would be on the money.

There are plenty of uses to think of and, yes, I’ve only dipped my virtual toes into the deep ocean of these topics.

Look, as we head boldly into the future, look for an NFT photo of me writing this column for sale soon. I’m sure it will fly off the shelf like Shatner’s teeth.

Cheers to all the innovators in this space, because it’s not often you see Shatner, Ozzy, Taco Bell, and Miami Gardens in the same column; the stars really do align.

See you soon in the Florida metaverse.


Blake Dowling is CEO of Aegis Business Technologies. He can be reached at [email protected].

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