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Drive to impart wildlife lessons to youths of Keonjhar- The New Indian Express

Express News Service

BHUBANESWAR: Amid increasing incidents of human-animal conflict, Keonjhar Forest Division has rolled out a drive ‘Mo Jungle Mo Parivesh’ to raise awareness of forest and wildlife among the young generation and enable them to contribute to the preserving the native flora and fauna in the district.

Under the drive, the territorial division, which occupies 10 blocks of the district, has started teaching students in schools and colleges about forest and wildlife and has begun to help them understand the local problems and challenges they face. in the conservation of forests and wildlife, especially elephants.

The mineral-rich district, one of the richest in the country, has reported a number of deaths in the wild due to increasing human-animal conflict. the prominent ones are agriculture and mining related conflicts.

“We want to create a pro-nature and pro-wildlife mindset among the students as they are the ones on whom the conservation of forests and animals in the region will depend in a decade or so. “The aim is to engage the brains of the new and young generation with knowledge about forest and environment and to make them sensitive to nature and wildlife,” says Keonjhar DFO Dhamdhere Dhanraj Hanumant.

In addition, the DFO pointed out that most people today, especially the children and young people, do not have enough knowledge about the forest and nature in their environment. “The number of people willing to do something to protect the forest and wildlife is also very limited. This makes lessons on forest and wildlife conservation in educational institutions an integral part of teaching,” he said.

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Hanumant said a dozen schools have already fallen under the drive so far. However, they plan to formally launch the drive soon for large-scale implementation of the initiative. “We have a total of 2,200 schools in the jurisdiction of Keonjhar. Therefore, they have decided to ask the forest rangers, rangers and rangers in all 105 beats to identify schools in their jurisdiction and establish a schedule for holding forest and wildlife sessions on their campuses,” the DFO said. .

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