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ECAMSECURE private security company in Long Beach uses artificial intelligence and remote guarding to protect clients.

LONG BEACH, California (KABC) — Product theft across the country is a multi-billion dollar problem.

Many companies try to harden a target and turn to companies like ECAM SECUREa Long Beach private security firm that uses artificial intelligence and remote surveillance to protect its customers.

“We’re rolling out one of these trailers with artificial intelligence, lights, speakers and we’re able to detect threats and so we’re detecting, deterring and protecting assets the way we do and the nice thing about it is that it’s mobile and temporary,” said Jordan Lippel, the VP of Sales for ECAMSECURE.

Armed action is not always necessary. The AI ​​and mobile units can provide a solution that in many cases is a high-tech version of “get off my lawn.”

Lippel explains why in many cases a verbal cue can make a difference.

“92% of people, or suspects, leave knowing someone is watching,” he said. “If they don’t leave, our command center agents will come live and say, ‘Hey, the police are on their way. You’re being recorded.’

With over 100,000 cameras across the country, it’s the artificial intelligence that empowers every agent in the command center to monitor multiple sites.

But each site has its own challenges.

ECAMSECURE tailored a system to combat rail theft in Los Angeles and helped reduce calls by 68%.

That success in turn led to a partnership with LAPD to monitor warehouses where stolen goods were soldleading to the recovery of $20 million in merchandise and the arrest of 22 people.

LAPD Det. Joe Chavez of the LAPD train department task force said it made officers more efficient.

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“It makes the whole system more efficient,” he said. “We weren’t just chasing people running on the tracks, because there are people just crossing the tracks to go home or wherever. We could see actual suspects climbing onto the trains. Actually breaking open the containers and removing product.”

Lippel added: “If we could do 90% of the work and give them the resources to look at other major threats, and we could stop some of these issues that we’ve stopped, I can see us doing that duplicate again and again with other instances.”

When undeterred, the system can help protect responders by viewing and recording a crime.

That information is then passed directly to law enforcement, putting them in a safer environment than if they simply responded to a 911 call. The high tech that helps the men and women on the scene as the crime gets more complicated.

“The villain is getting more sophisticated and doesn’t care if cameras talk to them or lights come on, but what they do care about is going to jail,” said Lippel. “So what we’re helping them with is giving them more resources to better protect other threats in their communities.”

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