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FutureDeluxe designs real-time generative universe as an art installation

Global creative studio FutureDeluxe has created a privately commissioned real-time generative artwork to simulate renderings of an unknown universe as its latest installation. The work is designed to depict an atmospheric and ever-changing cinematic model of the cosmos, where viewers glimpse a once-in-a-lifetime moment in each encounter.

Titled “Poiesis,” an ancient Greek word for bringing about something that hadn’t existed before, the brief was to create a window into another universe and experience an ever-changing view of unknown planets and solar systems that had never been seen before and never seen before. seen again. The work creates journeys through space, traveling from very far to the surface of each planet’s terrain.

The artwork generates over 2,147,483,648 possible unique cinematic journeys overlooking space from nebula to landscape. It would take a viewer 122,491,987 human years to see all possible combinations.

Engineering and systematic design are the stars of the show for Poiesis. As in nature, complexity and emergent properties arise when a number of simpler building blocks interact with each other and their environment. This is how life takes shape with a dizzying complexity.

To create the universe, the team behind the project replicated this principle of Emergence by first distilling the universe down to some of its most fundamental parts, a set of basic building blocks, which, when combined algorithmically in Unreal Engine, create complex and surprising systems.

Svet Lapcheva, EP, says of the work: “The universe as we know it is vaster, more diverse and more infinite than anything else we can imagine. So it was quite an extreme challenge for our team to think about how to reimagine it as a generative piece of art. It was a real collaboration between artist and algorithms, designing beautiful planets and cosmic systems at different scales, setting up a multitude of rules and systems, and then allowing the artwork to create planets and generativity for travel in ways that we we couldn’t imagine.

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Andrew Jones, Founder and CCO of FutureDeluxe says, “Pushing the boundaries of possibilities by experimenting with emerging technology and visual aesthetics has always been fundamental to our practice at FutureDeluxe. It was incredibly exciting to have had this opportunity to explore the boundaries of real-time generative artwork.”



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