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Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose to stop throwing microphone in wake of fan injury

The microphone thrower has lived and must be left to die.

Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose vowed to end the 30-year-old tradition of throwing his mic at the crowd after beating an Australian woman Tuesday in the face.

In a statement released FridayRose acknowledged the incident and said he never intended to hurt anyone during the band’s show at the Adelaide Oval.

“Obviously we don’t want anyone to get hurt or hurt anyone in any way at any of[our]shows,” Rose said before adding that he always thought it was common knowledge for a Guns N concert. Roses.

“After more than 30 years of throwing the mic at the end of (our) show, we’ve always felt it was a familiar part of the end of (our) performance that fans wanted and knew they had the had a chance to catch the mic,” Rose added.

Axl Rose launched the mic into the crowd after his last song ‘Paradise City’.
Axel Rose
The microphone hit Rebecca Howe in the nose.

Rose said it was in the interest of public safety to end the gesture, which has become a long-awaited part of the band’s concerts.

Rebecca Howe, the woman who was punched at the end of Tuesday’s concert, claims she had two black eyes and a broken nose as the band prepared to play their final song of the night, “Take Me Down To Paradise City”. “.

“What if it was a few inches to the right or to the left? I could have lost an eye… what if it hit me in the mouth and I broke my teeth?’ Howe said through the Adelaide advertiser. “If my head had turned and it had hit me to sleep, it could have killed me.”

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Rebecca Hoe
Rebecca Howe was injured by a microphone that Axl Rose threw into the audience during a Guns N’ Roses concert.

Rose did not directly apologize to Howe for the injury, but called reporters for coverage of the incident.

“Unfortunately, there are those who, for reasons of their own, chose to cast their coverage of this topic in a more negative and irresponsible light, which couldn’t be further from the reality. We hope that the public and of course the fans understand that sometimes that happens.”

Rose ended the statement with a “BIG THANK YOU” to everyone for understanding.

Guns N’ Roses wraps up Australia with two shows in New Zealand next week. The band is on hiatus following their New Zealand tour dates until June 2023, where they will play at Hyde Park London.”



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