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Harber Everyday Briefcase review: strong and attractive protection for MacBook Pro

Harber daily suitcase

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Don’t throw it in your plane luggage, but the Harber Everyday Briefcase is a smart, exceptionally well-made and roomy bag to carry a MacBook Pro.

Harber is a London based company that sells suitcases, cases and accessories all made from handmade full grain leather. Any article AppleInsider has tested, has the same precision, premium feel and stays looking like new even after extended use.

The Everyday Briefcase is no exception to the quality of the company, but it must be chosen carefully as it is aimed at a fairly narrow audience. For example, this is not the suitcase for you if you never take your suitcase with you 16-inch MacBook Pro away from your office and you’re just looking for something to protect it from dust.

It will do that, and it will look good, but it’s too expensive for that kind of really casual use. But even if you are on the road and your suitcases are crushed on the racks of train carriages, the suitcase does not offer enough protection.

That said, it’ll look great from all that travel and wear, but there are more rugged options out there, including a few from Harber.

Who is this aimed at

You can’t say that the Everyday Briefcase is for occasional use only, as that would contradict the handcrafted care that went into it. It would also suggest that the case is not resistant to wear and tear.

Instead, it will definitely survive if treated badly, and because it’s leather, it will age really well too. But other than a slightly stiffened base and a sturdy inner divider alongside softer inner pockets, it doesn’t have a frame that protects against serious impacts very well.

So it’s best for general use, especially to take with you to the office or hotel, and definitely to take out the MacBook Pro when you’re on a train.

It would be good if there was just a little more padding in the base to protect the MacBook Pro when you put the case down heavily. But it’s entirely possible that there’s enough padding and we’re just too concerned about protecting a MacBook Pro.

That's a 14-inch MacBook Pro and an 11-inch iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard, and plenty of room left

That’s a 14-inch MacBook Pro and an 11-inch iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard, and plenty of room left

Design – interior

There is certainly enough space to make this case usable. AppleInsider chose to review the version intended for the 16-inch MacBook Pro, specifically to see how much work it could do with a 14-inch MacBook Proplus travel items, a Kindle Paperwhite and a 11-inch iPad Pro.

Harber includes what it calls a dedicated charger compartment. Of course you can clamp cables anywhere.

Add in plenty of cables and a charger, and the case’s neat lines expanded to take on a slightly more rounded shape, but there was no question of removing anything. The briefcase held everything we needed, and the two leather handles look like nothing could ever break them.

Design – exterior

Inside the case is a separate carrying strap that needs to be attached to the sides of the case. It would be good if the strap could be attached to the ends of the bag instead, but the top has a single, strong zipper and any fasteners or buckles would get in the way.

But with it attached to the sides, it was a bit fiddly to mount, though mainly because you’re worried about messing up such a nice case. You won’t, because it looks flawless and is durable enough to stay that way.

Harber notes that the leather will discolor over time, but says it will develop a patina. If the briefcase looks like Indiana Jones is using it in 20 years, we’ll take it.

The neat lines of the case flare out nicely when you overload it

The neat lines of the case flare out nicely when you overload it

Design – options

The Harber Everyday Briefcase is available in medium or large, both for the same price. The medium version is described as targeting 13-inch and 14-inch MacBook Pro models, while the large is for 15-inch and 16-inch models.

Both versions can also carry a 12.9-inch iPad Pro, with the Magic Keyboard for iPad on it.

It is available in brown, black or deep brown.

A case that outlasts your MacBook Pro

The Harber Everyday Briefcase isn’t a casual buy at $422, but it’s not something you’ll want to casually handle either.

It’s so clearly built to last that you’ll no doubt replace your MacBook Pro before replacing this case.

Harber Everyday Briefcase Pros

  • Hard-wearing, handmade leather briefcase
  • Looks excellent
  • Available in two sizes
  • Both sizes are roomy enough to protect a MacBook Pro, but leave room

Harber Everyday Briefcase Cons

  • Fitting the optional leather strap could be easier
  • There isn’t as much padding at the base as some cases

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Where to buy

You can buy the Everyday Briefcase directly from Harber, which has a Black Friday sale at the time of writing. That runs globally from November 18, 2022 to November 28, 2022, with different discounts on different days. If you purchase two or more Harber items during the period, you will receive between 20% and 30% off the entire order.

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