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“I think Flex had the best genetics in the world, but I kind of surpassed him.”: Ronnie Coleman in a 2020 interview

The legendary Ronnie Coleman is one of the greatest bodybuilders in American history. Coleman is a consecutive eight-time Mr. Olympia title winner. Ronnie has won 26 IFFB titles, making him one of the most dominant bodybuilders in sports history. Coleman’s stage presence and perfectly fit and muscular body always impressed the audience and his fellow bodybuilders.


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Genetics is a big part of bodybuilding, and Coleman had once revealed that his rival Flex Wheeler had some of the best genetics. However, a competitive Coleman believes he has trained to be the best.


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Ronnie Coleman compliments Wheeler’s genetics, but puts himself first

In bodybuilding, in addition to training, diets and steroids, genetics also play a vital role in defying a bodybuilder’s physique. In 2020, Generation Iron interviewed Fitness and Bodybuilding colemanwhere he talked about his career and about genetics.

When the interviewer asked if Coleman thought he was “blessed with superior genetics,” Coleman had an interesting answer. The greatest bodybuilder said: “But to be genetically gifted, you have to work very hard. I think Flex had the best genetics in the world, but I kind of outsmarted him.”

Although Coleman appreciated Flex Wheeler’s genetics, he still believed he had put a lot of effort into improving and catching up with his rival. He revealed how hard he had to improve his physique and work on his symmetry. “When I go to the gym, you know, I lift hard, I lift heavy. I had given in. I worked out at the gym for over an hour. The whole time I was there I was focused,” said the king.

The legendary bodybuilder also revealed how his growing arms had become a concern for him, and he had to stop arm training for a few years. he confessed, “I saw my arms getting too big, so I stopped training arms for about 2-3 years.” Only someone like the great Coleman could bend over backwards to grow arms and have the best genetics.

Ronnie Coleman’s epic bodybuilding career


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Coleman’s bodybuilding journey started in Texas, USA in the early 1990s. Although Coleman never thought of becoming a professional bodybuilder, he became the GOAT of bodybuilding.

Besides being the most shared Mr. Olympia title winner, Coleman has won many other titles in his bodybuilding career. Becoming the best came with a price for Coleman, however, as he had to undergo multiple surgeries due to heavy lifting and training.


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Eventually, the side effects of these surgeries and steroid use became a major factor health problem for the king. Therefore, 58-year-old Coleman was forced to retire in 2007.



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