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IATA & Italy’s Aviation Industry Launch Booking Assistance Project

The Italian aviation industry is taking an important step towards social equality. Indeed, December 3 marks the start of the One Click Away Project, involving the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC), the International Air Transport Association (IATA), and three Italian airlines, viz Air Dolomiti, ITA Airwaysand Neo aircommit to facilitating booking assistance and information for people with disabilities and reduced mobility.

The One Click Away Project takes to the air

A revolution is taking place in the Italian aviation industry. The new One Click Away project, involving the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC), the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and three Italian airlines, Air Dolomiti, ITA Airways and Neos Air, aims books information more accessible to disabled passengers and people with reduced mobility.


The One Click Away Project represents the first network of various institutions, flag carriers and aviation-related associations ever created in Italy with the aim of making the flying experience seamlessly accessible to everyone, without exception. The launch date of the new project is no coincidence. Indeed, December 3rd is International Day of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Photo: Vincenzo Pace: easy flying

For their part, airlines have created intuitive paths on their websites, specifically designed to assist passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility. Thanks to these pathways, disabled passengers have easy access to information about the organization of air travel and their rights when they board.

As easy as one click

But what is the rationale behind the name of the project? The answer is relatively simple: passengers can easily access the dedicated information page with one click.

The guidance process is characterized by uniform content, clearly communicated and with the same layout. In addition, the path content follows the same order for all three carriers, with no difference. All icons, images and texts characteristic of the path have been previously shared and approved by ANGLAT/FAND trade associations for the Italian version. The English version, on the other hand, has been approved by the Open Doors Organization. The approval of some of these associations ensures that the content of the airlines’ websites is presented taking into account everyone’s sensitivity and needs.

Air Dolomiti Embraer Getty

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How to access the special path

If a passenger with a disability or reduced mobility lands on one of the carriers’ three institutional pages, where should they go?

What to look for is a stylized image of a wheelchair, which can be found in the top right corner of the websites of the three airlines. By being displayed on the home page of the three websites, the wheelchair icon is instantly recognisable, making it easy for passengers to access the information. Once the page is open, passengers can seamlessly book assistance with the airline they are flying with. In addition to booking specific services, such as requesting a wheelchair, there is also a list of useful topics.

ITA Airways Airbus A330-202 EI-EJO (3) (1)

Photo: Vincenzo Pace I Easy flying

What is the significance of this initiative?

Rafael Schvartzman, IATA Regional Vice President of Europe, welcomed the Italian initiative positively and hopes that other countries will follow suit.

In front of Enac, the Italian civil aviation authority, the One Click Away Initiative is part of its wider commitment to continuously simplify the flying experience for disabled passengers and people with reduced mobility. Thanks to the coordination of IATA and the commitment of three Italian airlines, Enac President, Pierluigi di Palma, is convinced that this project will be the gateway for disabled passengers to seamless air transport.

Fabio Maria Lazzerini, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of ITA Airways, explained how the One Click Away Project would enable the Italian flag carrier to pursue one of its key objectives:

“Participating in One Click Away, in addition to the intrinsic value of the project, allows us to pursue one of our important objectives, to ensure that everyone has equal access to air travel while adapting the service to the needs of each”

ITA Airways Airbus A320-200 EI-IKU (2)

Photo: Vincenzo Pace I Easy flying

In addition, Mr. Lazzerini states that working on these types of projects in collaboration with other institutions and in synergy with other airlines is an excellent example of cooperation on a social issue that goes beyond the specific interests of each individual airline.

Do you think the One Click Away Project is a useful initiative? Let us know by clicking the comment button below!

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