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Is Marvel afraid of Namor’s bulge in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever?

Take a moment to consider the plight of the penis-having superhero actor.

It’s a tall order, pretending while embodying impossible physical ideals and also wear elaborate costumes intended to approximate outfits drawn on the page without much regard for physics. Moreover, these costumes are not made for real life, but for the screen. Sometimes this makes being a real human an inconvenience – dicks can get in the way of what a superhero movie is trying to achieve. In the case of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the mission is often to depict heroes as conventionally attractive and devoid of sexuality. Sometimes this is difficult.

This came to mind the week after the release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Crew members shared behind-the-scenes footage on social media, and fans saw one: noticeable difference from the finished footage of the film: Actor Tenoch Huerta, who played the aquatic anti-hero Namor in the film, the bulge of his costume appears to have been reduced.

Before we go any further, it’s worth noting that “costume” is a generous term. In the comic books, Namor’s most iconic outfit is a green Speedo made of some kind of scales, combined with his bad attitude. For Namor’s Marvel Cinematic Universe debut, the outfit was made a little more elaborate. The Speedo was traded for tight-fitting swim shorts and complemented by a lot of jewelry that didn’t For real work like a shirt, but can be charitably referred to as a breastplate. The math of the situation is simple, though: put someone with a penis in a swimsuit in the water and the results can be illuminating.

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Bulge is a regular problem in superhero costume design, as form-fitting costumes intended to emphasize—or enhance—idealized bodies leave little to the imagination, even helping through the design. But cultural ideas of “appropriateness” must also be adhered to, and Disney may be the most rigid in its quest to be the most “family friendlymega entertainment company. Usually this translates into working really hard to deny that sex exists or something people are capable of having it.

This, as many on social media have pointed out, results in the extremely funny and highly plausible assumption that somewhere in a Marvel or Disney office there are people working very hard to edit every bit of footage that could have a hint of penis, otherwise the world would be outraged by the existence of genitals. (A Disney publicist did not respond to Polygon’s request for comment.)

Seen from this angle, this is laughable. People have dicks! The context is not prurient, and making a point is a great way to draw attention to it.

However, there are several other plausible explanations – Disney being squeamish about dicks is just the most entertaining to think about. For example, it is also possible that simple capitalism is at play here, as imagery deemed “innocuous” has the widest reach in various cultural and social mores around the world. It’s also possible that Huerta himself didn’t want his member to indirectly appear on the silver screen in one of the biggest movies of the year.

In that case, allow us to express our condolences. Comic book superheroes can be beautiful characters but also sexless, and the demands of their box office dominance mean real people must be contorted into forms defined purely by muscle and ideals, which are then reflected in costumes. But this is only a first step as the person wearing the clothes is just another fabric for digital tailors to sculpt, trim and tuck in as deemed necessary until there is little difference between the character that is seen on the screen and the impossible character that is born. the page.

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