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ITV rolls out updated branding with new logos, idents

ITV has rolled out a brand update that reimagines the numbers that appear next to the network’s signature logo.

The move follows a Announcement October 2022 that the channel originally known as ITV1 would revert to that name until a rebrand in 2013, reserving the name “ITV” for the channel’s parent organisation, officially known as ITV plc.

The British broadcaster said it would not completely drop the bespoke script logotype introduced in 2013, but would reimagine the numerical glyphs used.

The number “1” was to be added back to ITV1, while sister channels ITV2, ITV3, ITV4 and ITVBe also received updated designs in a similar style.

ITV Creative, DixonBaxi and F37 Foundry worked together to create the updated logos, which include a new look for the new ITVX streaming platform which will be fully rolled out on 8 December 2022, but is already integrated with many of ITV’s digital platforms.

In addition, in an organization first, a cohesive family of idents has been created for use across all channels and platforms.

These center around using the same basic scene or setting from across the UK, but with differences incorporated through the use of shifts in lighting, texture, tone, characters or animals or action.


Another similarity between the idents is the use of animation to emphasize the numbers’ entrances and exits, something that is also often achieved with a repeating diminishing effect.

Those updated channel numbers are no longer slightly enlarged and offset from the baseline of the letters. Instead, they become slightly shorter and aligned with the base of the logotype, making them feel a bit wider and stockier, though their actual widths are still very similar.

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By adjusting the horizontal and vertical proportions, the strokes seem to have more character and personality – the “1” has an exaggerated top with a subtle flourish that mirrors the curves in the letters next to it.

Adding that physically moves the vertical stroke of the “1” further away from the ITV letters, which also adds negative space to the lockup, but given that the top of the “1” takes the momentum of the right seems to pick up side of the “V” and drive it back to the baseline, the overall composition works well.

The slight upward angle of the bottom of the top of the “1” also seems to have been made to reach the level where the tip of the “V” ends.

The “2” for ITV2 is likewise wider than before and also has a touch of boldness – perhaps a literal interpretation of the curves in the logotype.

Despite that fun, the new “2” feels sturdier, perhaps because the ends of the strokes are perfectly vertical rather than slightly curved, which more closely matches the verticals in the letters of the script.

Arguably the ITV2 logo works best of all – as the top right corner of the “V” naturally blends into the hook in the “2”.

Like the first two, the ITV3 and ITV 4 issues have also been redrawn in the extended style.


The “3” gets a bit of pizzazz thanks to the double loops, while the “4” emphasizes the triangular shape formed by the shape of the letter.

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ITVBe deviates from the rather traditional layout of the other channels by placing the letters at different heights in a stepped format. The newly drawn “B” and “e” used here are on the wider side, but feel a bit narrow compared to the more exaggerated widths of the numbers.

The stepped approach also creates a bit of an awkward negative space below the “B”, but it also takes advantage of the fact that the eye is already in the upper right quadrant when the “B” appears before moving back down to the “B”. e,” using the up and down pattern suggested by the script letters.

The stepped layout also helps clarify that “Be” is intended to be considered an attached designation and not to form a word spelled “itvbe”.

Finally, the ITVX logo, which is a completely redesign, was specifically designed to look like the plus sign (“+”), a common branding element used for streaming services, has been rotated 45 degrees, notes ITV.

In this case, it’s arguably more a representation of a multiplication symbol (“×”) than a lowercase “x”, but that’s mostly semantics.

Anyway, the “X” feels a bit like a spark or spiky jack. While the four ends of the shape are slightly curved to accommodate cues from the ITV logotype, the other lines feel firmer, giving the shape a bolder feel and a bit of contrast to the friendlier curves found elsewhere – a strategy that it helps excel.

It’s a bit hard to ignore the odd juxtaposition of how the slightly downturned right side of the “V” forms the wedge created by the left side of the “X”, a probably unavoidable arrangement that’s a bit confusing visually.

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