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“Jesus” Dale Earnhardt Jr Breaks the Internet With Video Revealing Plans For The Weekend

Fans last saw him race professionally in 2017. Since then, he has been an integral part of NASCAR, calling races or through his analytics, as well as through his much-watched podcast, Dale Jr Download. But to see him ride is something fans long for. He’s Dale Earnhardt Jr.


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For most, the sleepy town of Florence means little, but Dale Earnhardt Jr. isn’t that for most people. Florence is a very special city for him. “I raced in Florence every Friday night, probably 14 times a year,” he said on his Dale Jr Download podcast.

Florence is back in the news as announced Dal Jr going to race the South Carolina 400 here this weekend. He said “I was part of that experience in the 90s when we raced the 400 at the end of those years. I had so many great experiences there in the 90’s. I want this circuit to continue. Hopefully this is a nice way for them to end the season.”

In the 90’s the race was known as Myrtle Beach 400; it was renamed after being moved to Florence a few years ago. He explained on SiriusXM, “It’s a pretty important race if you know the history of the 400 they used to run at Myrtle Beach, and when Myrtle Beach left, they brought it to Florence. I’ve wanted to go back to that track for a long time and really race… It’s a really cool track.”

Fans in South Carolina, and in general, will be very excited to see Dale Jr back in the car. Hopefully it translates into more races for the legend.

NASCAR Roots shows the return of Dale Earnhardt Jr. on the track

NASCAR Roots has announced the return of Dale Jr NASCAR website. They posted an emotional montage of a young Dale Jr.

Fans eagerly gear up to see the Hall of Famer return –


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Fans also responded to NASCAR’s Instagram post. One fan commented, “So freaking awesome so I wish I could get there!!!”


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Can Dale Jr turn the race into a poetic throwback to racing for the legend? Let us know your opinion!



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