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Kevin G of ‘Mean Girls’ Fame Is Now a YouTube Chef

The border to Rajiv Surendrahis talents do not exist.

The actor, who most famously played Kevin G mean girls, recently launched one new youtube channel with one goal in mind: to share his belief that ‘the key to a rich and fulfilling life is much simpler than we assume’.

Surendra’s new channel focuses on cooking as well as other “creative and domestic arts” such as ironing a shirt.

In a recent interview with Food & WineSurendra – who starred alongside Lindsay Lohan as a mathematician in the hit 2004 movie – opened about Cooking Sri Lankan Tamil Cuisinehow he learned to cook and some of the secrets he learned from his family.

It all started when the creator moved to New York City in 2010 and couldn’t find any Sri Lankan Tamil restaurants in the city. He had to find another way to enjoy the kitchen, so he followed his mother, he says Food & Wineand watched very closely as she prepared meals.

Now he wants to share what he has learned with the world to honor his late mother and grandmother.

“There are so many things in this kitchen that have no equivalent in other kitchens,” said Surendra. “I love making the real traditional food for my friends. They come over and say, ‘I don’t know what this is, but I’m excited.’ It’s food they’ve never tried before.”

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Surendra does not provide measurements for his meals, but explains his actions in great detail so that others feel comfortable doing the same.

“The techniques I use were passed down from a woman who really knew what she was doing and who really made the best versions of Tamil food,” says Surendra. “Nobody can cook like I can cook,” he recalls his grandmother saying proudly.

Ultimately, he wants people to feel how he felt when he watched his mother in the kitchen.

“Learning to cook isn’t just about the final meal,” he said. “It’s about the actual process. Do you even know how this should feel and taste?”

Surendra is an artist outside the kitchen. He has a successful calligraphy business, Letters in ink, who has been hired to create chalkboard menus for restaurants such as Beyond Breads, Dominique Ansel Bakery and more. He also continues to audition for on-screen roles, he shared Food & Wine.



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