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Live At The Linda: “Music as Medicine”

Did you ever hear about the guy with his doctor and said, doctor doctor, when I listen to Bon Jovi I feel terrible, and the doctor turns back to him and says, OK, don’t listen to Bon Jovi.

Yes, my friends, this underscores a simple truth: music can have a specific, mood-altering and physical response to your well-being, and what you put through your ears can have a major impact on your physical health and well-being. things, tonight we bring you those good things in an episode called ‘Music as Medicine’. We listen to the healing sounds of Shantyman Séan McCann, Ray Wylie Hubbard and Ryan Bingham & The Dead Horses. Dr. Hughes will see you now, Live At The Linda starts now.

A lot has happened in the nearly 10 years since Sean McCann left the Canadian folk rock arena that filled Great Big Sea, he co-founded it in 1993. He has released five successful solo albums covering a range of topics from Canadian life and culture to highlighting national hardships such as the infamous wildfires in 2016 that destroyed Fort McMurray, Alberta, in which he worked with the Canadian Red Cross. A philanthropist as well as an artist, McCann also hosted a songwriters benefit in 2017 in support of veterans suffering from PTSD and addiction. In recognition of these efforts and his other advocacy for people with mental health and addiction issues, McCann was awarded the Order of Canada in 2020.

“Music is strong Medicine” is the mantra by which McCann measures his own successful recovery (now 10 years sober). “It has the power to heal the hurt and unite the divided and we ALL need that now more than ever” From a few weeks ago this is ShantyMann Séan McCann live at The Linda.

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Ray Wylie Hubbard is the secret handshake among those in the know. Earthy, genuine, funky, unabashed, his records have been swapped along the way and played by everyone from Blackberry Smoke and Georgia Satellites to Black Stone Cherry. The Austin Music and Eric Church inducted Texas Heritage Songwriters Hall of Famer was born in Soper, Oklahoma, went to high school with cosmic cowboy Michael Martin Murphey and spent his summers playing folk music in Red River, New Mexico. It all added up to an iconoclastic, determined for truths and textures in writing about the way outlaws live. This concert is from 2012. This is Ray Wylie Hubbard live at The Linda.

Ryan Binham is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and actor whose music spans multiple genres. Originally from Hobbs, New Mexico, Bingham grew up in the Southwestern United States. He joined the rodeo circuit as a bull rider in his teens. Bingham learned music on a guitar gifted to him by his mother at age 16, and initially played for his friends after rodeos. Eventually he started playing in small bars and honkytonks in the west, which led him to Los Angeles.

After receiving critical acclaim for his first two studio releases, Bingham then teamed up with Grammy-winning producer T Bone Burnett on the soundtrack for the critically acclaimed 2009 film Crazy Heart, most notably co-writing and performing the award-winning the film’s theme song, “The Weary Friendly”. The title track earned Bingham a 2010 Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, and Critics’ Choice Award for “Best Song”, as well as a Grammy Award. The Americana Music Association also honored Bingham with the organization’s highest award in 2010 as “Artist of the Year.” And how do you celebrate such a monumental career moment, well, everyone knows to play the Linda. You can currently catch Bingham on Paramount Network’s Yellowstone, wielding his guitar like Walker. As of 2010, Ryan Bingham is here live at The Linda.

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Thank you for staying with us this week. Join Ingrid Michaelson 2012, Martha Scanlan 2012, Amber Rubarth 2009 and Ali McGuirk 2022 next week. For more information on The Linda or upcoming events, follow us at Twitter, Facebookand Instagramor visit thelinda.org.



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