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Lyft Ride-Sharing Service Adds Roadside Assistance

  • Lyft Pink is a $100 per year service for rideshare users who may also need some help with their own vehicle if it is stopped by the side of the road.
  • As with AAA, Lyft Pink can now offer you a tug or a little bit of gas or change your tire (well, except for Nevada) anywhere in the US.
  • If you’re in trouble and need help now, Lyft offers a one-month free trial, and new users are allowed to request a service call as soon as they sign up.

Hailing a Lyft is about to mean something new. The ride-hailing company has announced an expansion of its extra-priced Lyft Pink service with perks for roadside assistance, such as a jump start or some gas delivery. Users familiar with how a ride-share vehicle can be seen on your phone’s map will feel right at home when they see a tow truck approaching. The new roadside assistance services are built into the standard Lyft app.

Lyft is expanding its services in part to compete with AAA. Lyft notes that anyone who signs up for Lyft Pink can take advantage of the help right away without the wait time AAA requires. Lyft Pink customers are limited to four free “service events” per year, but keep in mind that two things taken care of during one trip — gas and a tire change — count as two events. After the first four events, or for people who aren’t Lyft Pink members, Lyft also offers these services for $71 each. Lyft does not offer its roadside assistance services in Nevada.

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Both Lyft and AAA offer similar assistance services in addition to those listed above, including changing tires, granting access to your locked car, and off-road rescue. Of course, since Lyft still operates its ride-hailing business, it can offer its Lyft Pink customers priority pick-ups and discounts on some rides.

Lyft’s expansion into services that help people with their personal vehicles is a bit at odds with the company’s basic message that ride sharing would lead to less personal vehicle ownership. 2017, a study conducted at the University of Michigan found that in places where ride-hailing services were available on demand, people were more likely to buy fewer cars and take fewer rides. But that doesn’t mean we’re all just riders in someone else’s car these days, and sometimes we still get stranded.

Lyft Pink costs $9.99 per month or $99 for a year. A higher tier, Lyft Pink All Access, costs $199 per year and adds bike and scooter offers to the plan. You can also sign up for Lyft Pink for a free one-month trial just in case any road trips are coming up.

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