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Marvel’s God officially names the universe’s greatest mystery

Marvel’s God, The One Above All, has just revealed the greatest mystery in the universe as the Defenders meet the cosmic being who made everything.

Spoilers for Defenders Beyond #5 from Marvel ComicsIn an encounter with the real god of the Marvel Universethe One above all, the being responsible for creating everything, revealed the greatest mystery ever: his own creation. In Defenders over #5, Blue Marvel confronts the almighty entity, but when asked if there is another force nearby that created him, the One Above All admits that no greater mystery is imminent.

Marvel’s latest The defender team has traveled to the different Cosmos and the outskirts of existence to save reality from its main cosmic threats. In the team’s final mission, Blue Marvel, America Chavez, Loki, Galactus’ mother Taaia, Tigra, and the Beyonder have reached the House of Ideas, where they true face of god in the marvel universe, the One Above All. Being responsible for all of creation provides answers to several questions that each defender team member asks. But when asked where he comes from, The One Above All admits that his own existence is one of the greatest mysteries.


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In Defenders over #5 by Al Ewing and Javier Rodriguez of Marvel Comics, the Defenders get a rare encounter with the One Above All in the House of Ideas. Blue Marvel asks the being responsible for creating the Marvel Universe where he really is “above all”, what does “creation create?” and whether the entity knows who made it. The One Above All admits the mystery intrigues him, as Marvel’s god gives a surprising answer about his existence.

The creation of One Above All is Marvel’s greatest mystery

One of the greatest mysteries

The One Above All doesn’t give a concrete answer to the question of whether it was created by something else. However, his mention that he was the “place where the world of action ends … and the world of creation begins” strongly hints at his true creators. Action represents the world in the comics, while creation represents the true world – implying that comic book creators are responsible for their existence – although the One Above All doesn’t explicitly say so. Considering Marvel’s portrayal of god has taken the form of the legendary comic book creator Jack Kirby, his hints about what he really is and how he was made make sense.

But despite the hints about how Marvel’s god was created, his in-universe creation remains a mystery that intrigues even the almighty being. The result is that the One above all true origin and creation remain the biggest mystery in the Marvel Universe and one that will probably never be fully answered. Defenders over #5 of Marvel Comics is now in the comic shops.

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