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Michigan frog can survive being frozen and thawed

MANISTEE COUNTY – The most miraculous transformation in the life of the wood frog does not take place in the summer, when they change from tadpoles to frogs, but in the winter.

As northern Michigan begins to freeze, so do the wood frogs. These frogs stop moving and breathing; their hearts stop beating and they lose all brain activity in winter, according to biochemical research at Carleton University in Ottawa.

Despite all the features characteristic of death, these amphibians are still alive. When the ice begins to thaw, so does the frog.

Some scientists suspect that its remarkable biology could one day provide medical breakthroughs and even hold the key to cryonic discoveries.

How it works

While many frogs seem to “freeze” in winter, the wood frog takes it to another level.

Most frogs survive northern winters by hibernating, partially submerged in mud and water. Frogs are cold-blooded animals, so their body temperature is usually about the same as the surrounding air. Although they can be cold and dormant, unlike the wood frog, the body temperature of other amphibians never drops below freezing. This is reported by the National Parks Service.

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