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Milwaukee mother killed, son accused wanted virtual reality headset

A 10 year old Milwaukee The boy is now an adult charged with reckless first-degree murder for allegedly fatally shooting his mother on Monday, November 21. This after she did not allow him to buy a virtual reality headset online, according to the indictment. FOX6 News does not name the boy because of his age.

According to the criminal charge, Milwaukee police responded to a report of a shooting at a residence near 87th and Hemlock on Monday, November 21. Inside, they found a 44-year-old woman who had suffered a fatal gunshot wound.

At the scene, police spoke to a 10-year-old boy who stated that he had been woken up at 6 a.m. by the woman (the boy’s mother). went to the basement where she was packing some laundry. He originally described how he twirled the gun around his finger and then “it accidentally went off,” the indictment says.

The MilwaukeeCounty The medical examiner’s office noted that the mother “died from a gun fired at her at close range.”

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Due to age considerations, the complaint says the 10-year-old was “allowed to stay with family”. The next day, however, family members contacted the police with serious concerns. Police were told the 10-year-old “had temper tantrums all his life. He gets very angry and acts out,” the indictment says.

In a later interview with police, the 10-year-old boy “admitted that he was not twirling the gun when he shot his mother,” according to the indictment. The 10-year-old went on to tell police that he “admitted that his mother would not allow him to have anything from Amazon that he wanted. (The 10-year-old) admitted that he recovered the gun because he was angry at her because she woke him up at 6am,” the complaint says. The complaint goes on to say “he tried to shoot at the wall to ‘scare her’, to which he admitted to punching her in the face shot.” The boy “admitted to knowing that guns are dangerous and can kill people,” the indictment said.

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A person who spoke to police indicated that on November 22 after her death, the boy logged into his mother’s Amazon account and ordered the virtual reality headset he wanted.

Police found a black semi-automatic 9mm Glock 43 handgun in the residence. Officials noted that there was a fired cartridge at the bottom of the basement stairs.

The 10-year-old made his first appearance in MilwaukeeCounty court on Friday, November 25 – the day the criminal complaint was filed. Cash bond was set at $50,000. The 10-year-old is expected to appear before the next court at the Youth and Family Center in Milwaukee on December 7.

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At a press conference on Wednesday morning, November 30, Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson provided the following response to this matter.

“Any time violence happens in Milwaukee, whether it’s perpetrated by someone who is 10 years old or much older than that, it gives me pause. I don’t want anyone to get hurt or lose their life in the city,” said Johnson.

This is an evolving story.



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