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Off-grid power: Unbeatable Cyber Monday deals on EcoFlow power stations and solar panels

EcoFlow Delta 2 portable power station.


Do you need power when you go off-grid, or as a backup in case the lights go out? Then you need a power plant.

What is a Power Plant?

Think of a power bank and scale it up en masse, and you have a power station. Many rechargeable batteries in a box, add a large number of ports (USB and AC) and give it the ability to charge from different sources.

That’s a power plant.

While many people choose to charge their power station from the mains, if you go off-grid you can add solar panels to have power where there is sun!

EcoFlow is one of the top manufacturers of power plants, and it is with a huge Cyber ​​Monday saleup to 50% discount on its products.

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Here are some of the best Cyber ​​Monday deals:

EcoFlow Delta Mini

  • Delta Mini is a battery power station with 882 Wh in a lightweight design at 23.6 lbs. Take the power to any outdoor environment, go camping or travel and keep it powered.
  • 1400W AC output and 12 ports allow you to power devices from laptops to dishwashers and refrigerators.
  • Fast-charging power generator that reaches 80% in less than an hour. Or use it as a solar generator for clean solar charging and get up to 300W input with MPPT optimization.

EcoFlow Delta Pro

  • Home battery that can expand capacity from 3.6kWh-25kWh with additional batteries, EcoFlow Smart Generators and the Smart Home Panel for backup power.
  • A power generator for your appliances during a power outage. Charge 4500W devices with X-Boost. Enough for heaters or window air conditioners.
  • Choose from charging from an EV station, solar energy, sockets, using the Smart Outdoor Generator or via a car socket.
  • Get 6500+ full cycles to last for years.

EcoFlow Delta 2

  • 1024 Wh LiFePO4 battery with a lifespan of more than 3000 cycles
  • Power all your devices with 1800W of power.
  • Includes a 220W bifacial solar panel to capture up to 25% more energy.

EcoFlow River Pro

  • The River Pro can power up to 10 devices simultaneously with multiple power outlet options, including three pure sine wave AC outputs.
  • The total rated wattage of the outlets must be less than 600 W (peak voltage 1200 W).
  • Offers up to 720 Wh of power and weighs just 15.9 lbs, making it a portable powerhouse for on-the-go adventures.
  • EcoFlow X-Stream technology allows you to charge the River Pro from 0%-80% in under an hour and offers a full charge in just 1.6 hours.

EcoFlow 110W portable solar panel

  • Industry leading 23% success rate.
  • Foldable solar panels designed to be taken anywhere. Ideal as an RV solar panel, camping solar panel and outdoor panel.
  • With an IP68 waterproof rating, these portable solar panels are made for the outdoors and can withstand the elements.
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