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Queen Elizabeth II suffered through painful cancer battle in final years

Queen Elizabeth II spent her final years in secret battling cancer with agonizing pain, according to a new biography of the late British monarch.

The queen, who September passed away after working the throne for more than 70 years through the pain of bone marrow cancer – the most common symptom of which is bone pain, according to “Elizabeth: an intimate portrait”, an upcoming biography written by author and broadcaster Gyles Brandreth.

In the months leading up to her death at the age of 96, there was widespread speculation that the Queen was dealing with an illness. Her death certificate official stated her cause of death as “old age”.

“I had heard that the Queen had a form of myeloma – bone marrow cancer – which would explain her fatigue and weight loss and those ‘mobility problems’ we were often told about in the last years of her life,” Brandreth wrote in the book, which is serialized by The Daily Mail.

“The most common symptom of myeloma is bone pain, especially in the pelvis and lower back, and multiple myeloma is a disease that often affects the elderly,” the former MP wrote.

“Currently there is no known cure, but treatment – including drugs to help regulate the immune system and drugs that help prevent weakening of the bones – can reduce the severity of symptoms and improve patient survival by months or two to three years. extend.”

Queen Elizabeth died in September at the age of 96. Her official cause of death was listed as “old age.”
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The royal biography highlights the Queen’s stoicism following the death of her 73-year-old husband Prince Philip, who died in April 2021.

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She reportedly told a lady-in-waiting that staying busy with her royal duties helped her cope with the loss and refused to give in to grief.

“My husband certainly wouldn’t have approved,” the Queen said. She watched the BBC police drama ‘Line of Duty’ to keep her spirits up, according to the book.

However, in the fall of last year, she was urged by her doctors to take it easy due to fatigue.

“I have to be sensible,” she admitted of her declining health.

The book also claims that the Queen took no time in deciding to release Prince Andrew from his royal duties after his bombshell interview with the BBC about his relationship with convicted sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein in 2019.

“The Queen took matters firmly in hand. To use military jargon, there were only a few days between flash and bang. It took action and she took it,” a senior courtier reveals in the book.

But she allowed herself to be photographed riding with her “favorite son” the day after he was relieved of his duties, and supported having him beside her at Philip’s memorial service.

She apparently listened seriously when the Duke of York tried to explain his connection to Epstein, but only replied with a single word: “Intriguing.”



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