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Ryan Reynolds Co-Wrote an Unmade Christmas Movie for Deadpool

Promotional poster for Fox's Deadpool 2.

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This year, Marvel got into the festive spirit with a few Christmas specials. After Werewolf at night started in October and impressed almost everyone with its dedication to old-school horror, the Guardians of the Universe headlined next week’s Christmas special. With such a large library of characters, each of them could theoretically work with a particular holiday, something Ryan Reynolds is eager to test.

During the press circuit for his recently released holiday film spicy, Reynolds revealed to Big problem that he, along with Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (the writing couple who wrote the first two deadpool movies). That movie, which he said would feature a song-and-dance number, “got lost in the shuffle of Disney acquires Fox and it was never made.

It’s not terribly surprising to learn that this was in the works, as Fox notoriously had several superhero movies on its roll at the time. Of a Kitty Pride solo film to a clash between the Fantastic Four and X Mennone of these movies ever actually made it to reality, despite having writers or actors known at the time James Franco attached to them. (Remember when we were told that multiple times Gambit would get a movie?)

What is surprising, however, is that this has been kept quiet so far; back in 2018, the deadpool franchise played at Christmas by re-releasing the second film for a limited time under a PG-13 rating and the holiday-themed title Once upon a time there was a Deadpool. While not much different than shortening the runtime by a few minutes, it at least showed that the character would fit the PG-13 mold quite well if it had to. Based on previously made commentswon’t be the case, and that’s a good thing since the movie brings back Hugh Jackman to slice and dice with the talkative mercenary.

Maybe after Deadpool3 hits in 2024, we will get Deadpool saves Christmas or something. Being another reason to bring Jackman back, if only to see him sing while wearing Wolverine’s costume. On the likelihood of that happening, Reynolds simply said, “Maybe we’ll do that movie one day.” It’s not a musical, but it’s a full Deadpool Christmas movie.”

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