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SecuriThings partners with Axis Communications physical security device management

SecuriThings announced that it has strengthened its partnership with Axis communication (As) — a leading manufacturer of network cameras, access control devices and network audio devices for the physical security and video surveillance industry — to simplify and improve the operational management of physical security infrastructure.

Introducing deeper integration between Axis devices and the SecuriThings Horizon solution, the partnership helps customers gain end-to-end visibility and control – not only of their physical security devices, but also of these devices’ management systems and network dependencies. This will enable Axis and SecuriThings to better serve customers and system integrators to deliver greater value with better technology and end-to-end service.

The integration enables organizations to automate the operational management of their security devices, including firmware upgrades, password rotations, certificate management, and vulnerability detection. It also helps them use real-time data to locate, diagnose and resolve operational issues quickly and efficiently. These capabilities help protect physical security devices from cyberthreats and enable organizations to gain visibility and ensure compliance with IT policies and standards.

“While organizations invest heavily in physical security devices, these devices subsequently live in a complex environment, making it difficult to gain full visibility and control over their operational status, health and more. This prevents organizations from realizing the full value of this mission. critical devices,” said Roy Dagan, co-founder and CEO of SecuriThings. “By providing a single pane of glass to monitor and manage their physical security systems, our partnership provides both end-customers and system integrators with an easy-to-use, cost-effective and secure way to operationally manage Axis devices.”

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“Lifecycle management is critical to ensuring the stability, performance and cybersecurity of devices and systems, which is especially critical when these technologies serve to protect people and property,” said Scott Dunn, Senior Director, Business Development Systems & Solutions, Axis Communications. “At Axis, we are focused on cybersecurity, which includes strengthening our products and solutions through continuous updates and integrated tools such as Horizon from SecuriThings. With Horizon, customers can get a real-time status of their system, gain more control over deployments, and better themselves position to manage the lifecycle of their devices.”

Thanks to this partnership, Axis customers now have a streamlined way to automate and simplify the operational management of their devices through Horizon. This will help these organizations’ physical security teams reduce their need for manual work and site visits, allowing them to focus more on strategic tasks, increase cost efficiency, and take a more active role in supporting their colleagues in the field device best practices. management and operations.



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