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Seth MacFarlane’s Ted Prequel Series Wraps Production

The world’s favorite big mouth teddy bear will soon be back in action Seth MacFarlane has confirmed that production has wrapped him up Ted prequel series. Plot details on Peacock’s highly anticipated show of the Family man creator remains slim, but MacFarlane has dropped some hints at what pranks the Boston-accented plush toy can pull.

In a message on Instagram, MacFarlane showed a picture of Ted seen through one of the monitors, and reiterated that the show’s principal photography had ended. This photo was probably chosen on purpose because it doesn’t give any hints about the show’s plot. MacFarlane also took the opportunity to thank the cast of the upcoming show, including Scott Grimes, Alanna UbachMax Burkholder and Georgia Whigham, calling them “brilliant”. Since the series is a 90s based prequel that evolved from the two previous ones Ted movies, the cast will play younger versions of characters seen in those projects. This includes Burkholder in the role of John Bennett, the protagonist of the films previously played by Mark Wahlberg. Ubach and Grimes play Bennett’s parents, and MacFarlane is another one who voices Ted.


Earlier in the year, Collider asked MacFarlane about the upcoming project during an interview. While MacFarlane was mum on most of the details, he did talk about working with a CGI character as the star of the show. He also talked about how the series will connect and relate tonally with the movies. Ted and Teddy 2 were released in 2012 and 2015 respectively and were both positively received for their twisted sense of humour. MacFarlane said the show will feel similar, telling Collider, “It’s unprecedented to do a television series where your main character is completely generated CGI. I think for movies we’re used to that, but you don’t think about the fact that this hasn’t really been done to this extent for television.”

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MacFarlane also provided a little insight into the show’s overarching plot, adding:

“It’s a prequel set in 1993 that embraces that era, embracing the 1990s and following what is essentially Ted’s adolescence, I think. Ted and John’s adolescence. And growing up in suburban Boston. Look, as someone who grew up in that part of the country, it’s fun to try and recreate.”

MacFarlane said the series would remain tonally similar to the first film, telling Collider that fans of that film would most likely enjoy the television show. This is probably a smart move on MacFarlane’s part, given that the 2012 film grossed over $550 million at the worldwide box office, and is currently the second highest-grossing R-rated comedy film ever.

For those who might be concerned that the small screen standards would have an effect on the series, MacFarlane has put those concerns to rest. “It’s like a movie. There are no broadcast standards there. It’s an R-rated comedy. So our guidelines are the same as for the movie,” MacFarlane said. “The challenges for something like Ted are more external. You’re dealing with a climate that’s perhaps a little less friendly to comedy than it has been in the past. That’s definitely something we take into account because we want to keep Ted Ted. We want to make sure it doesn’t change.”

MacFarlane is an executive producer on the series through his production company Fuzzy Door Productions, along with Jason Clark, Alana Kleiman and Eric Huggins. The project is co-executed by Paul Korrigan and brad walsh, who also co-wrote the show. Peacock has yet to announce a release date for the 10-episode prequel series.



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