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Silvio Scaglia former assistant flips in Julia Haart split

A former executive assistant to fashion model teacher Silvio Scaglia was so disgusted by his attempts to smear his wife, reality star and executive Julia Haartin court that she testified against him, according to court documents.

Whistleblower Tania Cohen has said in an affidavit that Scaglia was determined to [an] innocent woman,” and that he had Cohen search company accounts to find any trace of shady dealings by the “My Unorthodox Life” star — but she found none.

In fact, Cohen says in the lawsuit, all she discovered was evidence that Scaglia herself used company accounts to buy expensive gifts for his new fiancé and pay for lavish vacations.

Julia Haart, Silvio Scaglia
Julia Haart and her ex, Silvio Scaglia, are involved in a bitter divorce battle.
Dimitrios Kambouris
Julia Haart, Silvio Scaglia
An assistant to Scaglia has switched sides in the case, court documents show.

Scaglia and Haart got married in 2019 and he named her CEO of his model management company Elite World Group. But he reportedly blinded her by firing her on the same day in February 2022 that she filed for divorce.

The businessman has since claimed in court documents that Haart misused company money and even “stole” a Bentley.

But Cohen says in the papers that luxury car Haart was fair and honest, and that Scaglia knew it when he made his shocking claims.

In fact, she says Scaglia was just trying pry the car away from her because he knew she loved it and “wanted it.”

Julia Haart, Silvio Scaglia
Haart and Scaglia got married in 2019.

In an affidavit filed with the New York Supreme Court this month by Haart’s power attorney Lanny Davis, Cohen says, “I’m coming forward because I realized that Mr. , I felt it was the right thing to come forward and tell the truth.

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Cohen — who worked for the Elite World Group modeling agency until last month from January 2022, a month after Haart filed for divorce — went on to say that Scaglia had “engaged in excessive spending of EWG money for personal use,” and he “constantly tried to paint a picture of Ms. Haart as a villain who had misused company funds and caused financial turmoil at EWG.”

Julia Haart, Silvio Scaglia
The couple’s divorce also saw a battle over a Bentley.

She said Scaglia tasked her with searching company records to “find money that Ms. Haart illegally stole”.

“I spent several months going through emails, documents, bank and credit card statements, only to find that not a single dollar had been improperly withdrawn by Ms. Haart,” she said, adding, “All of Ms. Haart’s expenses were transparent and available for me to summarize.”

Haart was fired as CEO of Elite World Group when the couple split dramatically.
Haart was fired as CEO of Elite World Group when the couple split dramatically.
Getty Images for Endeavour

She said in the affidavit that while Scaglia was largely uninvolved in running the business and was an “empty suit,” he nevertheless used company funds to buy a $342,000 engagement ring for his new fiancé, spent $132,000 on the rental of a luxury yacht in Tahiti, plus $16,000 for business class flights to the Polynesian island for the couple. She also said he dropped $400,000 for a lavish yacht trip in Italy.

Meanwhile, she said that while Scaglia publicly accused Haart, a former ultra-Orthodox Jew who left the community and became a high-flying businessman, of stealing the Bentley, he knew the car was hers all along.

Julia Haart, Silvio Scaglia
The Netflix stars in happier times.
Getty Images for Elite World Gro

She said the car was leased from a dealership, SW Vestry Cars, jointly owned by Haart and Scaglia and that she had discovered “documentation showing that… the down payment for the lease on Mrs Haart’s Bentley was paid by for Mrs. Haart’s personal Range Rover SV Autobiography” which was worth $112,000.

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“I also learned that after Mr. Scaglia fired Ms. Haart as CEO of EWG, Ms. Haart attempted to continue to make the lease payments on the Bentley on her own,” she said in the filing. “Only because the lease was in the name of SW Vestry Cars, LLC and not Ms. Haart personally, Mr. Scaglia was able to terminate the lease and return the vehicle to the Bentley dealer, despite Ms. Haart’s attempt to proceed personally make the lease payments.”

She said he had SW Vestry Cars cancel the lease ‘solely out of spite because he knew and told me that Mrs Haart had a strong personal connection to the Bentley and wanted to punish/hurt her by having the car taken away. hair.”



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